Ancillary Products

PB Relay 2000

The Relay 2000 inserter automates your monthly mail.
Speeds up to 2500 per hour, with a monthly capacity for up to 10000 items. Three different fold options, 2 feeders and 100 envelope per time capacity.

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Mail Folder and Inserter
Automatic Mail Inserter

PB Relay 3000

Processing speeds up to 3000 per hour, monthly capacity of 20000, 2 sheet feeders and 1 insert feeder

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PB Relay 4000

Throughput of 3500 per hour, with a monthly capacity of 40000 items, 4 feeders and an envelope capacity of 300 envelopes.

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Relay 4000
Large Mail Inserters

PB Relay 5000

For Higher-volume users, the Relay 5000

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IMS Excel Mail Monitor

Since the postal markets opened up it is increasingly important to monitor your postal costs to make sure you are getting the best value.

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Mail Cost Monitor

IMS Mailpost 107

Mailpost 107 opens one long side of the envelope using a milling action, only cutting the minimum amount of the envelope, thus avoiding contents damage.

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Mail Openers
Mail Openers

IMS Mailpost 125

The mailpost 125 also opens one long side of the envelope this time using a high speed milling action by only shaving off the fold of the envelope, hence no damage to contents.

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IMS Mailpost 127

The mailpost 127 is a fast desktop letter opener that uses the milling technique for opening envelopes cleanly without damage to the contents.

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Fast Desktop Letter Opener

IMS Post Excel

The Post Excel postal scales are designed to handle the changes that have taken place in the UK postal market.

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Postal Scales

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