£300.00 per month

Item Description

The new FPi4030 folder inserter features easy to use touch screen operation. Well designed menus get you up and running with minimum effort.

The special feeder, only available on the FPi4030s is designed to handle the more awkward types of inserts such as very glossy mailers and leaflets as well as thicker booklets.

The feeder swap system detects when a feeder is empty and automatically swaps to another while you refill - allowing continuous operation.

The FPi4030 also has the capability to use OMR to give you even more control over your folding / inserting jobs.

Product Highlights

  • Easy to use touch screen operation. 
  • Swap mode allows continuous automatic operation. 
  • Folds upto 8 sheets simultaneously. 
  • Designed to handle difficult types of inserts.

Additional Information

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