3 Reasons to Upgrade to Ergonomic Office Chairs

Office Chairs and Supplies

You probably know IMS Franking as a Royal Mail authorised inspector and maintainer of mail franking machines, as well as an independent dealer. But our products and services go well beyond mail franking to include office supplies. We even sell ergonomic office chairs.

An ergonomic office chair is one designed and built to provide the necessary support for maintaining good back health. Unfortunately, office workers can exacerbate existing back problem by sitting for extended periods of time in a chair that does not offer enough of the right kind of support. What we have learned about ergonomics over the last several decades has led to some very good office chair designs.

We recommend upgrading to ergonomic office chairs if your office has not yet done so. Below are three reasons behind our recommendation.

1. Natural Curve of the Spine

The lumbar spine has a natural curve to it that can be observed when a person is standing. Moreover, the spine is affected by things like gravity, pressure, and weight. Sitting for prolonged periods without proper support is not good for this natural curvature as it leads to slouching.

Extended slouching over long periods of time can flatten out the natural curve of the back leading to chronic pain and other problems. An ergonomic office chair with proper lumbar support prevents slouching and protects the natural curve of the spine.

2. Seat Height Needs to Be Adjustable

Maintaining proper support for the back requires a chair user to have his or her feet placed flat on the floor with the thighs horizontal to the seat cushion. If the seat is too high or too low, incorrect positioning of the feet and legs can lead to improper posture, thus nullifying the benefits of lumbar support.

The difficulty with most non-ergonomic office chairs is that height is not adjustable. People who are taller or shorter than average do not get the kind of support they need. The ergonomic office chair is adjustable. Users can get the proper amount of support regardless of their height.

3. The Arms Need Support

Ergonomic office chairs offer adjustable arm rests for maximum comfort. The arms need support as well, so that workers do not suffer repetitive use injuries as a result of working on a computer all day. An effective armrest supports the upper arm and elbow in a position that allows the arm to be relaxed. At the same time, the armrest must be low enough that the forearm is not making contact while typing on the computer.

We have made ergonomic office chairs part of our office supplies inventory because we know how important good posture is to preventing back pain and repetitive stress injuries. You have already purchased your mail franking machine from us, now we encourage you to consider IMS Franking for your office supplies as well. If you are in need of new chairs, we hope you will consider upgrading to an ergonomic solution from our inventory.

Why not contact us and find out what IMS can do for you?