4 Things as Important as Smart Franking Machines

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It goes without saying that we fully endorse the use of smart franking machines for UK business mail. Smart franking machines give business mail customers access to the lowest possible postal rates along with advanced features that make tracking mail easier than ever before. Having said that, a smart franking machine alone will not turn an average mail room into one that operates at peak performance.

Having a highly efficient and effective mail room requires a number of critical ingredients. Like baking a cake, things go awry very quickly if just one ingredient is missing. Take away two or more and you may end up with something that barely resembles a cake.

So what is necessary to have that dynamic mail room you have always dreamed of? You need the four things listed below. Each of them is just as important to the success of your mailroom as a smart franking machine.

1. Hard-Working Staff

A modern smart franking machine certainly makes business mail easier than ever before. But even a machine with the best features does not eliminate the need for human contributions. You still need hard-working staff members willing to put in the time to get the mail out. You need staff members who will go the extra mile to guarantee things are done properly. Without a dedicated, hard-working staff, all your efforts could be in vain.

2. Intentional Organisation

Anyone who has worked in a chaotic mailroom can testify about how important organisation is. However, we want to challenge you to go one step further. Rather than just organising for the sake of doing so, organise your mailroom with intention. What does this mean? It means establishing a set of goals along with a daily routine to achieve those goals. Then organise around them. Not only does this bring an end to the chaos but it also gives purpose to everything team members do.

3. Well-Stocked Supply Room

Nothing will kill the momentum of your mailroom faster than running out of business mail supplies. After all, you cannot run your smart franking machine if you have no more ink. You cannot send out business letters if you run out of envelopes to place them in. Behind every successful mailroom operation is a fully stocked supply room complete with everything staff need to keep the mailroom rolling.

4. Dedicated Budget

Last but not least is a dedicated budget. Though this might be obvious to some of our readers, you might be surprised by how many companies operate their mailrooms without actually providing a working budget. They just assume they will have enough money in the bank account to keep mail going out. Yet without a dedicated mailroom budget, how can you keep the supply room stocked and the smart franking machine charged?

A top-class mailroom is not built accidentally. It requires forward thinking and effort. Make the most of your smart franking machine by working on the four items mentioned here.

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