5 Reasons to Convert Business Mail Services to Mailmark

Franked Mail Services

When Royal Mail first introduced the Mailmark platform, they framed it as a way to make business mail more efficient and cost-effective through the use of technology. We now know just how accurate those assertions were after having a couple of years to evaluate the Mailmark service. Needless to say, you should upgrade your business mail services to Mailmark if you have not yet done so.

At the heart of the Mailmark system is the QR (quick response) code printed on outgoing mail by the customer's franking machine. That code contains helpful information that assists Royal Mail in doing what they need to do. More importantly, customers can add their own information to the code as well.

Based on the potential of the QR code for improving mail efficiency, here are five reasons you should convert your business mail services to Mailmark:

1. Keep Track of Delivery Dates

QR codes are scanned by Royal Mail upon receipt. Each piece can then be traced through a system of scanners that follow the mail from origination to destination. Customers using the Mailmark system can check with Royal Mail at any time after 10am to find out what pieces are scheduled for delivery that day. This knowledge is very helpful in areas like follow-up contacts and ensuring proper delivery.

2. Keep Track of Royal Mail

Mail tracking also makes it possible for customers to monitor how Royal Mail is doing. This is helpful on two fronts. First, tracking makes it easier to identify problems as early as possible, thereby allowing immediate follow-up. Second, customers can schedule their mail based on their understanding of Royal Mail's daily performance.

3. Store Additional Data

Customers using Mailmark business mail services can use QR codes to store and retrieve additional data. All Royal Mail QR codes have available characters that can be utilised to store data relating to customer response and acceptance of parcels and letters. It can be used to embed promotional offers that customers can take advantage of using a smartphone with a QR code reader. The possibilities are almost endless.

4. Improve Contact Information

Using the Mailmark system improves a company's ability to maintain accurate contact information. For example, using a standard mailing list to send out letters or parcels then tracking delivery of those items makes it easy for customers to spot and correct mailing list errors.

5. Take Advantage of Analytics

Lastly, authorised Mailmark machines include an analytics dashboard that makes real-time information available to customers whenever they need it. These analytics make for better use of business mail services by giving customers business-critical information that they can use to develop strategies for future mailings.

If you have not yet converted your business mail services to Mailmark, why not? In addition to saving you money, Mailmark takes business mail into the digital age to offer you better service, full analytics, and the potential to use your unique QR codes to better serve your customers.

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