A Brief History Of The Mailmark Service

Mailmark Service, franking machine leasing

Since its mainstream introduction in 2014, Mailmark has been changing the face of the mail services industry. Mailmark offers the potential to track mail location and delivery, improve reporting and management of tariffs. Over time all business mail will be expected to carry this barcode. Royal Mail will continue to process existing franking formats for a period, so for those that do not want to take up this new technology there is no immediate rush.

Mailmark is a brand new way of preparing Mail. For processing by the Royal Mail. Mailmark can be an alternative to the current ‘town and crown’ system. It will print a new 2D barcode, the Royal Mail “delivered by” branding and a new visual identifier. The identifier shows the class of the mail and the format.

Announcement and Introduction

Mailmark was first unveiled as a migration to barcoded mail that can be read by a franking machine in 2013. It was announced as Royal Mail’s £70M investment into letter automation across the postal network.

In Royal Mail’s statement outlining theMailmark servicethey stated the following: “We've invested millions in new technology and worked together with our partners in the mailing industry to bring you the next generation of mail.

Mailmark barcodes provide an extra dimension of information:

  • Where mail is and when it's going out for delivery.
  • Accurate predictions of mail landing allow flexing of resource in your contact and marketing teams.
  • Online, custom reporting so that you can see the status of your mail and the quality of your address data.”

This new barcode was quickly snapped up as the future of post, so to assist the migration to this more advanced system discounts and assistance were offered.

Mainstream Introduction

Mailmark was rolled out as a system of smart mail management for your business to a mainstream audience in 2014. The benefits were undeniable. Amongst others the Mailmark service claimed to offer:

  • Simplified access to Royal Mail products
  • Increased intelligence giving potential for new products and services
  • More professional and modern image helping to add customer value
  • Cessation of “posting out of area” requirements
  • Accurate postage costs
  • No surcharges – avoid customer dissatisfaction and extra cost
  • Enhanced data via online Mailcoms Mail Reports providing you with real time usage information to make instant business critical changes.
  • Simple tariff update
  • Accurate product selection
  • Tariff differential

Franking Machines

As the old franking services remains, there was no immediate pressure to upgrade or replace machines as a result of Mailmark. The business case for replacement will depend on the volume of mail sent and the tariff differences.

How Royal Mail’s Mailmark Service Works In 2017

As your mail is produced, a Mailmark is added. Your mail's details are then added to an e-manifest (an electronic list of your consignments). That gets sent to at Royal Mail. As mail rolls through their system, barcodes are read, generating a personal report which can be monitored online to check exactly what's happening with your mail and when you or your customers can expect it.

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