Business Mail Services Aren't Going Anywhere

Picture of the Digital Age

Experts in the fields of communications and logistics have been predicting that business mail will eventually be made obsolete by the digital age. Interestingly enough, they have been saying that for more than 20 years. And yet business mail services are as robust and in-demand as at any point in the past. We maintain that they are not going anywhere.

It is true that e-mail and digital documents have made business communications faster, easier, and more efficient. There is little doubt that new technologies, like electronic document signing for example, have led to less reliance on the postal system in some business sectors. But for other sectors, no means of digital communication is an appropriate substitute for physical mail.

In an August piece published by Post & Parcel, communications and logistics expert Ian Taylor pointed to the financial sector as just one sector that still relies heavily on printed documents and the postal system. The financial sector has always preferred physical copies of printed documents that people can actually hold in their hands. Taylor's example is spot on.

Make the Most of It

The main point of Taylor's rather lengthy piece is to demonstrate the need for businesses to make the most of their business mail processes by taking maximum advantage of postal mail. Taylor takes the time in his post to illustrate how companies are wasting time and money in their mailrooms by clinging to outdated procedures and legacy equipment. Again, he makes a very good point. We have seen the same thing ourselves.

As just one example, consider Taylor's description of a business large enough to have multiple mail franking machines scattered throughout several departments. With no central mailroom or business mail processes, employees are left to process their own mail using the franking machine nearest to them. There is no one around to control the machine, weigh the parcel before franking, or even keep track of things like ink and labels.

The solution to such an inefficient set up appears fairly simple. However, it requires management to step back and honestly evaluate current policies and procedures. No business mail system, regardless of how well it works, can be improved if management will not evaluate its effectiveness.

Is It Time to Streamline Your Mailroom?

Taylor's Post & Parcel piece is an excellent read if you have the time. He does a very good job of outlining the challenges of the modern mailroom as well as offering real, concrete solutions. In the meantime, we want to offer our services to any company that needs to streamline its mailroom.

Do you own or manage such a company? If so, settle in your mind right now that business mail services aren't going anywhere. As long as your company is going to use business mail, you might just as well make it as efficient and productive as possible. It starts with a modern mail franking machine from IMS franking. Please contact us to learn more.


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