Business Mail Services Cannot Be Used for Everything

Royal Mail Business Mail

Royal Mail's business mail services can be used to send a lot of things via post. But Royal Mail will not deliver everything. In fact, they cannot deliver everything. There are certain restricted items that are not allowed in the post by law. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure anything you put in the post is legally allowed.

A fitting example of a restricted product is the lithium-ion battery. As you may already know, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) reclassified lithium-ion batteries as restricted goods in 2016. As such, lithium-ion batteries are not allowed in any Royal Mail shipments being transported by air. They were already restricted for domestic ground transport before the ICAO action.

Lithium-ion batteries are restricted because of their potential for exploding. Just one bad battery could cause a catastrophic fire regardless of whether it was being transported by ground, air, or ship. Royal Mail simply does not have the capacity to handle them safely.

Check with Royal Mail

If you are a business mail services customer sending things you are unsure of, you can always check with Royal Mail for clarification. You can also download a complete list of restricted items right from their website. That list includes nearly three-dozen categories that could theoretically cover hundreds of different products. We will not list all 34 categories, but here are just a few to give you a general idea:



Corrosive substances

Environmental, clinical, and medical waste


Flammable substances


Most of the items on the list are restricted because they are dangerous to handlers. Others, like obscene materials and illicit drugs, are restricted because it is illegal to possess or distribute them. Though the list of restricted items could be in the hundreds when you explore all 34 categories in depth, that number still pales in comparison to the millions of acceptable products that can be sent through the post.

Business Mail for Business Materials

In closing, remember this one simple rule: use business mail services for business materials that are not restricted or prohibited. Shipping anything else (provided it is not illegal) should be left to private carriers that have the capacity to handle such materials.

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