Can a Franking Machine Be Part of the Digital Mailroom?

Digital Mailroom Franking Machine

A lot of companies these days are turning to what is known as the 'digital mailroom'. The concept behind it is one of deploying software and hardware capable of processing incoming documents in order to increase efficiency, control security, reduce paper, etc. Recently, a customer asked if a franking machine is part of the digital mailroom concept? Our response: absolutely.

While most of those selling digital mailroom solutions focus mainly on incoming documents, those incoming documents represent only one half of the mailroom equation. Given estimates that suggest more than three-quarters of business documents are created and transferred via paper, the average company probably sends out just as much paper as it receives. And if you can digitise incoming mail, you can do the same with outgoing.

How To Incorporate A Franking Machine

Incoming Documents

We will explain how a franking machine can be part of the digital mailroom in the next section. First though, it is important to understand what is meant when people talk about the digital mailroom and incoming documents. In a digital mailroom, hardware and software is used to scan all incoming paper documents and convert them to digital copies.

Software can analyse the content of those documents for processing purposes as well. It can forward digital copies to the appropriate individuals or departments; it can encrypt and store documents for safekeeping so that paper copies can be shredded.

Outgoing Documents

Outgoing documents are handled a little bit differently in the digital mailroom. Using a modern mail franking machine is the key to making it happen. But rather than digitising paper documents before sending them out, paper documents are processed, addressed, and franked digitally.

Top-of-the-line franking machines do all sorts of amazing things. They can automatically print mailing and return addresses by using information taken from a stored database. They can print Royal Mail barcodes and, at the same time, utilise unused space in those bar codes to print company data for tracking or marketing purposes. A top-of-the-line franking machine can even print customised marketing messages on all outgoing pieces, even when mailroom operators want to change those messages on-the-fly.

Tying it all together is the ability of the franking machine to automatically process hundreds of pieces per minute. The only thing required of the operator is keeping the franking machine stocked.

Time to Go Fully Digital

If you are thinking about embracing the digital mailroom concept, do not focus only on incoming documents. The modern mail franking machine plays a key role in digital mailroom efficiency by streamlining outgoing mail processing. Without a mail franking machine, processing outgoing mail continues to be a laborious, time-consuming task that eats up all the efficiency savings realised by processing incoming documents digitally.

IMS carries a selection of mail franking machines to meet a variety of business needs. Regardless of the size or scope of your business, we have a franking machine that can make your outgoing mail processing more efficient, less expensive, and all digitally-based.

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