Create a Cost Effective Mailroom

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In order for your business to thrive you need to be managing costs in each area. Unnecessary spending in your mailroom, for example, can have a knock on effect to the rest of the budgeting. Because sending and processing mail can be an ongoing expense, it’s important to review the effectiveness of your mailroom operations. This will mean you can stay focused on other important components of your business.

When designing (or redesigning) your mailroom think about efficiency at every stage. A well organised and planned mailroom will have maximised output through efficient sortation, opening and distribution of mail whilst keeping unnecessary spending to an absolute minimum. An effective work flow is dependent on the design of mailroom furniture such as positing of tables, benches, sort units and other mailing equipment. Also think about how you intend to source your mailroom supplies, as well as larger items such as franking machines, during your planning.

Ensure your monitoring systems are up to scratch.

Whether you’re sending your mail internationally, domestically, or both, it can save you a fortune (and a lot of stress down the line) for you to keep proper records of where your mail is being delivered. Using industry standard reporting and mail tracking tools might seem like a relatively high setup cost, but in the years down the line you’ll end up saving yourself lots of money and effort. This will also give you more options when selecting your mail services and business mail products in the future.

Minimise ‘man hours’.

To optimize your mailroom processes, you must have a good understanding of the hours of labour it takes to process the amount of mail you’re sending. Is mail sent out monthly? Weekly? Or even more frequently than that? How does scheduling work? Is this regular or does it depend on outside factors? Think about the time you or your employees will be spending filling out paperwork and reduce where possible. You may find that there’s opportunity to better prepare your future mailings and therefore save your business money on the labour involved in these unnecessary processes.

Utilise sending services.

Make sure you’re making the most of the mail services at your disposal. For example, your mail could meet weight requirements that qualify you for quicker mail delivery and major savings on postage. Always double check these options, even if you don’t think you’re sending the right amount to qualify.

With mail being sent internationally, independent transit testing is a beneficial service that provides feedback on delivery times and the condition of your mail pieces. Be sure to optimise your mailing services for the most efficient, cost-effective delivery.

Presort your mail where possible.

If you don’t presort your mail there’s a good chance you could be missing out on presorting programs. If your presorted mail qualifies for a presorting program then you’ll benefit from the highest level of postage discounts available. Presorted mail also tends to enter the mailstream much quicker, meaning faster delivery times with no extra spending.

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