First Royal Mail Franking Machines, Now Electric Vans

Royal Mail Franking Machines

When Royal Mail first dived into the pool of private ownership, they were not an organisation known for their technology. That has since changed with the introduction of new Royal Mail franking machines that are as cutting-edge as they can be. Now the postal service has another technology feather to add to its cap: fully electric vans.

Royal Mail announced a trial run of fully electric postal vans late September 2017. The trial involves three 3.5-tonne vehicles along with six larger vans, according to The Independent. The bright red vans will be distributing mail across the South East out of the Mount Pleasant depot in London.

Royal Mail says the vehicles can travel up to 100 miles before needing a recharge. The point of the trial is to see whether they can handle the volume and workload of the largest distribution centres in England. This is key because weight partially determines the effectiveness and efficiency of electric vehicles.

Working toward Greater Efficiency

Like Royal Mail franking machines, electric vehicles are not just about saving money. They are intended to make the postal service more efficient all the way around. If efficiency can be increased, the amount of money necessary to run the service will not grow as much. This will allow Royal Mail to remain a competitive organisation.

A successful trial run may lead Royal Mail to eventually transition its entire 49,000-vehicle fleet to fully electric. That would take a few years to implement, so we will still be seeing petrol and diesel vans for the foreseeable future. But all-electric may be a reality a couple of years from now.

In the meantime, Royal Mail's drive toward technology continues with their smart mail franking machines. Distributed and maintained under the Mailmark scheme, the machines offer business mail users the best rates for letters and parcels. Any business sending out more than just a few letters per month should seriously consider a modern mail franking machine.

Saving money is just a start with a Mailmark machine. Embedded software improves efficiency by increasing the accuracy of mailing labels. Those labels can include vendor specific data that companies can use to track inventory or communicate information to customers. The Mailmark system even makes it possible for business mail users to know where each piece of mail is throughout the entire delivery process.

Get Your Own Mail Franking Machine

Royal Mail is working hard to be the most efficient mail system in the world. They are embracing technology on the way to that goal. Their trial of all-electric delivery vans along with the roll-out of new mail franking machines under the Mailmark scheme are proof of their commitment to being the best they can.

If you are a business mail user, it is time for you to get your own Royal Mail franking machine. We are an approved distributor and service provider of franking machines that are part of the Mailmark system.


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