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Imagine sending a letter to a trusted customer with the expectation that said customer will respond within a reasonable amount of time. When no response comes, you assume your customer received your letter but was not motivated to do anything about it. You lose track of that customer to the point where you are no longer communicating, let alone doing business together. How would that affect your impression of that customer?

The scenario just described actually happened to two friends who fell out of touch due to a misunderstanding involving the postal system. Their story is described below. The lesson for you as a business mail user is this: you can avoid similar situations by taking advantage of franked mail services under Royal Mail's Mailmark scheme.

The Back Story

Good friends Donna and Chris had known one another for about five years when Donna got engaged to her partner, Brian. Donna and Brian sent out wedding invitations to all their family members and close friends in anticipation of creating a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Chris was included.

When Chris did not respond, Donna assumed he could not make it to the wedding. In reality though, Chris never received his invitation – or two follow up notes sent to him later. He just assumed he had not been invited to the wedding. As a result, the two friends grew apart and eventually stop speaking.

Four years later, Chris was checking his mail when he noticed three letters from Donna, each addressed with her maiden name. He quickly surmised what had happened. Opening the letters confirmed his suspicion: the wedding invitation had been sent out four years earlier but Royal Mail never delivered it. He quickly contacted Donna and patched things up, and now the two friends hope to renew their relationship.

You Can Avoid the Same Story

Now that you know Donna and Chris' story, you need to know that you can avoid a comparable situation for your business mail. It starts with taking advantage of franked mail services by purchasing a new, state-of-the-art mail franking machine. Your new machine should work with Royal Mail's Mailmark scheme.

Among the many benefits of Mailmark are the built-in tracking capabilities that Mailmark barcodes guarantee business mail users. Each barcode contains a unique ID for that piece of mail along with a second ID that links that piece of mail to a specific consignment.

Business mail customers can log on to their online accounts to track their mail by both piece and consignment. Using franked mail services means you will always have access to your mail by way of consignment level tracking and supply chain visibility. You'll even have access to predicted delivery dates and daily reports showing what mail has already been delivered.

Mailmark franked mail services represent the state-of-the-art for business mail in the UK. When you go with franked mail, you'll never have a letter arrive four years late. That's good for business relationships, right?


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