Franked Mail Services More Expensive – What Now?

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New postal tariffs recently implemented by both Royal Mail and Parcelforce have the potential to change the way small businesses look at their mail rooms. Not only is postage now more expensive, but the savings for franked mail services realised with a MailMark machine are real and significant.

Increased postage means small businesses have to re-evaluate how they use the mail to communicate with customers. The time is now for some small businesses already using extensive postal services to consider switching to franked mail services rather than stamps. And for those companies who send out a large volume of parcels, it may be time to consider the possibility of switching to envelopes instead.

As a small business owner, you might be asking yourself what your next move is in light of the recent price increases. The first thing to do is sit down and evaluate how you use postal services and what your goals are in doing so. Then apply that to what you are spending on postage.

New MailMark Meters

For its part, Royal Mail is stressing the idea of converting from an old franking machine to one of their new MailMark meters. Doing so can save money in the mail room. MailMark users can save 18p on second-class letters as compared to stamped mail. They can save 10p on first-class letters and in excess of one pound on some parcels.

Anyone using a meter more than two years old is likely paying higher rates. Whether a small business should upgrade to a new meter or not is a question of whether that new meter will pay for itself. Over time, it will for most small businesses. A company would have to send out an extremely small volume of mail and parcels to not benefit from a new MailMark machine.

Assessing the Mail Room for Franked Mail Services

Small businesses should be making an effort to assess how they will use Royal Mail and Parcelforce in both the short- and long-terms. To that end, following a basic strategy of assessment and planning is a wise idea. It starts with gathering data that will help management understand how the mail room is currently being used.

Second is to shop around to see if there are less expensive ways to do what is already being done. It might be more profitable for one company to use a single carrier, while another would do better with multiple carriers.

The third step is to look at ways to save money. Franked mail is a good target for obvious reasons. Businesses should consider looking at franking machines if they are not already using franked mail services. They should consider upgrading to a new MailMark machine if their current machine is more than two years old.

Lastly, management should be trying to project growth based on current and past data. Significant growth in the use of mail services suggests making the changes now will facilitate greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness later.

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