Franking Machines Ancillary Products

Mail Inserter and Letter Openers

At IMS Franking Machines we don’t just supply the franking machine for you to achieve optimum technology and cost savings. We are proud to deliver a complete service which includes the ancillary products which can assist users whether they’re in a large post room or a small to medium business.

Technological advantages and tools are available, letter inserters and openers and mail monitors, for example. These are much more efficient than humans manually acting as letter inserters and openers so whilst the machines take care of these mundane tasks the post team can complete other pressing jobs in their work day.

By “much more efficient” we mean that if we asked you to insert 2500 or 4000 letters in to envelopes in one hour, could you?

Good luck with any record breaking attempts.


Here are some examples of how advances in technology prove cost effective and maximise processing volumes

Letter Inserters and Openers:

The Relay 2000/3000/4000/5000 letter inserters

Business supplies experts like us appreciate the value of these machines for small to medium to multinational businesses. You’re busy so allow these excellent machines to process large amounts of mail, perhaps the monthly invoices or a marketing mail campaign.

  • The Relay 2000 handles over 2500 pieces in an hour and the monthly volume allowance is 10000 items.
  • The Relay 3000 letter inserter has an 8 inch touchscreen operator interface and in one hour you can expert this stalwart of the post room to handle 3000 items. The monthly capacity is 20000 items so it meets high demand.
  • The Relay 4000 letter inserter offers a monthly capacity of an impressive 40000 per month. There are 4 feeders and the machine processes 3500 letters per hour so it will save staff hours of effort.
  • The Relay 5000 letter inserter is for high volume users with an hourly capacity for 4000 items. Your post room and mailing processes will work at the highest levels with any of the above products.

Letter openers

The IMS125 and IMS127 are excellent tools for milling and opening mail swiftly without damaging the contents.

The machines are intelligent enough to adjust to the envelope size during processing because it’s appreciated that the incoming post won’t all be in the same dimensions.

Envelopes can be up to 7mm thick.

The IMS125 and IMS127 open 35000 letters every hour.

Mail Should Be Monitored Even From Franking Machines

IMS Mail monitor

IMS are delighted to be able to offer this franking machines ancillary resource.

The postal markets have grown and Royal Mail no longer have the stronghold they once enjoyed. To reflect this a mail monitor reports on expenditure with a range of the household name couriers and DX mail. This allows users to see where money could be saved so you can adjust your processes accordingly.

Don’t forget that we also have scales that link to franking machines and a wide range of franking machines which can transform the operational capacity in your business. So, for a new machine or an upgrade, give us a call. We’re here to help.

Why not contact us and find out what IMS can do for you?