Franking Machines and IMS Maximise Customer Service

Franking Machines and IMS Maximise Customer Service

We have a confession.

IMS truly wants to help all of our customers achieve the best levels of service for their customers. Moreover, we have proven this claim to companies throughout the U.K. repeatedly since we became established in 1988.

It’s very easy to shout about being the best in the business and focus on selling the franking machines and franking machine supplies to new customers but we have built our exceptional reputation on looking after existing clients too.

We appreciate that business operational costs, time and labour implications necessitate wise investments that proactively aid your business performance without eating in to your bottom line.

That’s why we help you to choose the right franking machine for you; unlike other companies we pride ourselves on meeting your expectations and not prioritising our sales/rental targets.

Whether your post is sent via Royal Mail, DX or both, you can make savings and we will listen to you and provide franking machine services which will soon have you wondering why you waited before forsaking stamps. You may not know that Royal Mail want firms to use franking machines so they offer incentives.

A simple change to franking machines to send and pay for your mail means that less time is spent on post preparation, there is no wastage of funds, electronics and ink won’t tear like traditional stamps, and you’ll be able to account for expenditure in an effective and measured manner.

Your post will be sent as business post, not via ambling snail mail routes, this makes your postal deliveries more efficient and a customer who sees that a franking machine has been used automatically perceives this as a more professional sign than postage stamps, effectively your franking machine helps to build your reputation and long standing business partnerships by presenting an image of total professionalism and prosperity.

After all, if you weren’t doing well you could probably use stamps with no need for the franking machine, that’s not a subliminal message that anyone wants to project.

IMS Franking Machines don’t lose interest in customers when they’ve closed a deal, we are here to look after you, to answer questions and provide real support and customer service. We don’t leave you languishing in a telephone queue either, we actually answer calls and invest our time and energy in you, we appreciate your needs and your time is precious. We won’t waste it.

A clear way that we know that we get it right, which means that you can provide an effective service to your customers, is that we have franking machine and franking machine supplies customers who have been with us from day one, remember that was 1988.

We don’t treat customer number one any differently to customer five thousand, every single customer of IMS is truly respected, valued and we’d like to think they’re a friend that we assist ably.

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