Franking Machines for Small Businesses

Franking Machines for Small Businesses

Fact: Franked mail costs less than stamped post.

Small businesses need not endure snail mail with higher costs when Royal Mail has so many incentives to attract business users to their franking machine options.

For example:

  • Franked mail is treated as business post.
  • It looks professional.
  • Franked mail can carry logos and slogans.
  • Franking machines can have messages programmed in to them.
  • Franked mail can be set for any service e.g. special delivery can be issued from the business premises.
  • Franked mail includes parcels.
  • Dependent on volume, Royal Mail may collect post from premises.
  • No queuing at the Post Office.
  • Franked mail has its own mailboxes.
  • Franking is time saving.
  • Franked mail is cost effective.

Regarding the last point, did you know that a 1st class standard size letter stamp costs 64p whilst 1st class standard size franked mail is just 53p. That’s an instant saving of 11p on one item of mail.

The most efficient franking machines which are part of Royal Mail’s Mailmark scheme decrease the cost further to 51p. Mailmark is the most cost effective scheme.

So, which machines are on offer to small business owners so that they can take advantage of savings with franked mail?

The popular choice is to hire franking machines but you may prefer to purchase a machine after evaluating usage levels.

The experts at IMS in Aldermaston can answer any franking machine and supplies questions you may have.

Here are a couple of franking machines from our stock list:

Low usage - The IMS60:

  • It's a smart technology digital franking machine with built in 2.5kg scales.
  • It’s perfect for home offices and small businesses.
  • Even if you just send five items of mail per day you’ll enjoy benefits.
  • The accurate cost of postage will be used every time.
  • Up to ten departments can be set up on the franking machine.
  • It’s convenient, time and labour saving.
  • The franking machine has five pre-programmed messages.
  • Logos and slogans can be added.
  • The franking machine can date stamp incoming mail too.
  • Smart technology machines are eligible for VAT reclaims.

This costs less than £30 per month on a rental contract. Factor in postage cost savings and there is no doubt that stamps are less desirable.

Low to mid usage - FP PostBase Qi3:

  • Every conceivable action on a franking machine is partnered with smart technology.
  • 4.3” colour touch-screen operation.
  • It can also be PC operated.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • It works like a smartphone which many users are familiar with.
  • It can process 30 items of post per minute.
  • Mail up to 10mm thick will travel through the franking machine.
  • Integrated 3kg scale.
  • Label dispenser and letter tray.
  • Five colour options.
  • 2 USB ports.
  • 1 LAN/Ethernet port.
  • Smart technology - reclaim VAT.
  • Up to 10 departments/cost centres.

If that has made you reconsider whether franking machines are perfect for your small business, it’s time to talk to our experts.

Why not contact us and find out what IMS can do for you?