Franking Machines – Rent or Buy?

Franking Machines – Rent or Buy?

The introduction of the first franking machine came about as a solution to the problems being faced in the worldwide postal system in the nineteenth century. The issue of paying for letters and parcels needed to be addressed so up stepped Norwegian Engle Frankmussler, who developed his ‘Postage Stamp Affixing Machine’ in 1884.

Fast forward a couple of decades and we come across the Pitney Post Machine, patented by Arthur Pitney in 1902. It was similar in many ways to Frankmussler’s machine, being a manual machine that was operated by a crank. However, one of the biggest issues with the manual franking machine was that it could be easily tampered with, making it easy to change postage price and weight of parcels.

Thankfully, franking machines have evolved over the years and tampering is no longer an issue. Today’s digital machines are now commonplace in many businesses, and they offer companies a number of benefits. Firms that send quite a lot of mail find the devices an essential item. Nonetheless, for companies considering implementing these machines into their business, the issue of whether to rent or buy a franking machine is something to consider.

Renting or Buying?

Franking machine rental offers a number of benefits for companies, not least of which is the cost when compared to buying. Small businesses often have limited budgets so purchasing a franking machine can be expensive, and those that do invest in a machine may be forced to buy a used model to keep the costs down. Renting is not only very affordable, but it also means always having access to the latest models.

Another advantage of franking machine rental is the fact that a lease contract will often include servicing and maintenance, which is something that Royal Mail insists upon. Those who purchase their franking machine will also be required to buy a separate servicing and maintenance contract, or pay for services as and when they are needed. The inclusion of a maintenance contract with a rental contract means that business owners know exactly how much they will have to pay each month.

Insofar as affordable franking machine rental is concerned, many companies offer excellent service; IMS is just one example and is actually one of the UK’s leading suppliers, providing value for money and great service.

Benefits of Franking Over Stamps

Franking has many benefits, but one of the most important is the professional image it helps provide a business. Companies using stamps can be viewed as old school by their customers, but franked outgoing mail comes across as much more professional. As well as this, mail that has been franked can include a company return address as well as a company logo or slogan.

One other obvious benefit of a franking machine is its speed and ease of use, making it extremely convenient. There are no stamps to run out of, and credits can be purchased online 24 hours a day. Add the often discounted postage rates and a business can save money by franking instead of using stamps.

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