Franking Machines: Should You Buy or Rent?

Rent or Buy Franking Machines

There comes a point in the life of every successful business at which management has to decide how to handle business mail. Should the company continue using over-the-counter services or transition to a mail franking machine. From our perspective, the decision is an easy one. But we understand that franking machines are foreign territory to a lot of business owners. And even after they decide to go the franking route, there is the question of renting versus buying.

Purchasing a mail franking machine certainly has its benefits. Like anything else, ownership affords the opportunity to use the franking machine in any way the company sees fit without having to worry about harming property that belongs to someone else. When a company purchases its own machine, there are no hassles relating to lease agreements, moving, etc.

Companies frequently find that purchasing is a better financial decision in the long run, as well. This is especially true once the volume of business mail being sent out reaches a certain level. Yet there are legitimate reasons for renting. These are discussed in more detail below.

Financial Constraints

There is no arguing the fact that purchasing a mail franking machine can cost a company thousands of pounds. At the point a young company is just beginning to consider franked mail, the volume of business mail they send out may not justify such a high expense. And if that same money could be better spent on other capital improvements, the decision to purchase a machine gets even more complicated.

Discounted Franking in Mailroom Supplies

Not every franking machine provider offers discounts on franking and mailroom supplies to renters, but some do. Lower prices on everything from ink to mailing labels can add up over the life of a multi-year lease to significantly reduce the overall cost of renting. Furthermore, purchasing mail franking supplies from the same company that owns the machine guarantees the customer will always be using approved, compatible supplies.

Routine Maintenance

It is in the best interests of the company that owns the machine to maintain it in good working order. Otherwise, they are risking two things: creating an unhappy customer and getting a machine back at the end of the rental term in condition too poor to allow the machine to be rented out again. If for no other reason, renting virtually guarantees a franking machine remains in tip-top shape.

Better Postal Rates

Whether a customer purchases or rents, mail franking machines instantly give access to lower postal rates. This may be the strongest incentive of all for business mailers that want the lower rates but cannot afford to purchase a machine. Rent one for now, benefit from lower postal rates, and save some money for a future purchase.

IMS Franking both sells and rents mail franking machines. If you are looking to take advantage of the benefits of franked business mail as opposed to over-the-counter services, we would be happy to speak with you.

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