Going Beyond Franked Mail Services to Protect Consumers

Franked Mail Services

We talk a lot about franked mail services in our blog posts because, quite frankly, that's what we specialise in. But what happens when companies use franked mail to perpetrate fraud? That is something Royal Mail has made a concerted effort to combat after the Daily Mail uncovered systemic fraud problems in 2016. It is now tougher than ever to get away with fraud using franked mail services.

The average business or non-profit organisation that uses a mail franking machine does so honestly and with only the best intentions in mind. Yet as with anything else, there are always a few bad apples. Those bad apples were exposed by a Daily Mail report in late 2016 that detailed how scammers use franked mail to send scam letters that can eventually cheat victims out of their life savings.

One example cited by the Daily Mail in a July 3rd (2017) follow-up report was that of an elderly woman who was scammed of more than £50,000 prior to her death. In the last five years of her life, she received some 30,000 fraudulent letters from scammers.

Royal Mail Is Cracking Down

The good news in all of this is that the report prompted Royal Mail to make the necessary changes that would enable them to crack down. For starters, they drafted agreements that bulk mail users were required to sign. Those agreements give Royal Mail officials authority to open any mail they believe may be criminal in nature. Any mail found to be fraudulent is destroyed.

Royal Mail claims to have stopped 1 million fraudulent letters from reaching their intended victims since beginning the inspection programme. They have also made a point of intercepting letters sent by victims to the fraudsters so that money can be returned.

Earlier this month, consumer minister Margot James addressed the issue by recognising Royal Mail's achievement of intercepting 1 million scam letters. James also thanked the Daily Mail for the initial report that provided the impetus for reform.

Use the Mail for Legitimate Purposes

As a company specialising in franked mail services and franking machines, we are pleased to know that Royal Mail now has systems in place to crack down on scammers. It gives us more confidence that companies taking advantage of bulk mail rates are using the mail for legitimate purposes. This is the way things are supposed to be.

If you take advantage of franked mail services for your company mail, you have access to one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of communicating with your customers or clients. If you're not using franked mail, why not? Franked mail offers better prices along with greater efficiency by way of new technology.

IMS carries all the latest mail franking machines along with franking supplies, office supplies, and more. We would be more than happy to discuss your franked mail needs in order to determine what franking machine would be best for your company.


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