How To Make The Most Of Royal Mail's Services

Royal Mail Services

In order to make the most out of the Royal Mail's services it’s important to know your stuff. With a bit of research and planning you can save yourself and your business lots of time and money when it comes to inbound and outbound mail.

The first thing to take into account is that errors with packaging and mailroom organisation cost businesses the most unnecessary cash.

Royal Mail's Services Can Keep You Clear of Unecessary Costs:

  • Know the rules

    Familiarise yourself with Royal Mail’s rules and regulations for packaging and prohibited or restricted goods. For example, Royal Mail cannot carry items that could be dangerous for their staff or vehicles, including aeroplanes. Specific restrictions can be found on the Royal Mail website.

  • Address clearly

    This might like a pretty basic requirement but it’s where a lot of errors stem from. Using Royal Mail's services such as Mailmark™ and franking machines can help remove any human error from this stage.

  • Wrap and package goods properly

    Use your common sense when packaging items. For example using padded envelopes for sharp edges or odd shapes can help protect your goods and other packages during transit. You can find a full list of packaging tips on the Royal Mail website.

After you’ve minimised the risk of costly errors in the mailroom, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best Royal Mail service for your needs.

Here are some quick tips to keep costs down with Royal Mail delivery:

  1. Pick the packaging

    The cost of postage depends on both size and weight. Meaning, choosing the wrong packaging for the job can cost you money. If an item doesn’t need lots of sturdy, heavy packaging then cut it out. You will also find that small parcels are a lot cheaper than medium ones, regardless of weight. So if something will fit in a small parcel, go for that option.

  2. Guaranteed services can be cheaper than you think

    Tracking services vary in price depending on location, weight and size. It’s always worth checking these options. You might be pleasantly surprised!

  3. Business users can claim back VAT

    If you’re organising mail on behalf of a business that is registered for VAT and sells taxable goods or services you may be able to get VAT back from postage.

    Royal Mail has more information on the VAT it charges on specific services on their website.

    For professional advice, talk to your company’s finance department, accountant or tax advisor. You can also find more information on VAT at the HMRC website. If you’re eligible, don’t forget to ask for a VAT receipt when you’re sending your item.

  4. Optimise your mailroom

    It’s always important to have a think about your mailroom equipment and ensure you’ve got the right facilities in place for your needs. Royal Mail franking machines and services such as Mailmark™ can save your business lots of hassle. As well as obtaining you discounts on postage with incentives from Royal Mail.

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