Large Franking Machines Benefits

Large Franking Machines

In a high volume mailroom you need the maximum level of efficiency. Staff can work devotedly but they simply won’t meet the processing times achieved by mailroom equipment.

That’s why when you have hundreds or thousands of items to send and receive you should invest in smart franking machines, effective letter openers and inserters. Without them you are costing your business money.

If you are still using stamps this has a serious impact on profits and labour. Think of all the time spent standing in the queue at the post office, stamping post, co-ordinating special delivery services and buying stamps.

For standard franking machines users, there is still a cost and ratio deficiency compared to smart technology machines which are eligible for Royal Mail’s Mailmark best pricing and services.

It may only cost a few pence more per envelope between standard and smart franking machines’ post but multiply this throughout a week or month and you could be losing more money that you’d care to admit.

  • 1500 X 1st class stamps @ 64 pence each: £960.
  • 1500 X 1st class standard franked mail @ 53 pence each: £795.
  • 1500 X 1st class Mailmark franked mail @ 51 pence each: £765.

Mailmark Is Smart

Royal Mail insists that all new franking machines are smart technology enabled and as a Royal Mail accredited firm we have superior smart franking machines for you to choose from.

These offer the highest levels of service delivery, reporting, optimum visibility as post is processed through the system and as mentioned, the lowest Royal Mail costs in the UK. These franking machines are eligible for VAT reclaim.

The crown and die from the standard franking machine has been replaced with a 2D readable barcode on Mailmark items. Clients can log in to their dashboard and follow an item of mail’s progress through the postal system. Any issues like an incomplete or unrecognised address will be flagged so that you can offer excellent customer service.

Large Franking Machines

With large franking machines you will always enjoy exact pricing, the most professional appearance, mail that’s treated as business mail and the free advertising that the machines can facilitate.

You can have unique, pre-programmed messages, logos, slogans and calls to action on your franking labels. Every item of mail you send delivers marketing benefits without one penny of the marketing budget being spent.

Smart franking machines can be credited and the consumables bought online 24/7. IMS Franking Machines make the system easy to use and wonderfully efficient.

SendPro 1000/2000/3000

The SendPro range of products are designed with high volume large franking machines users in mind.

SendPro 3000 key attributes:

  • Processes up to 310 items per minute.
  • Mailmark compliant.
  • 7kg weighing platform – 35kg optional.
  • Colour printing is perfect for marketing.
  • 1200 dpi print quality.
  • 15” Colour touchscreen operation
  • Weigh on the way
  • Dimensions on the way
  • 1000 cost centres, 3000 optional.

High volume smart franking machines are a wonder to behold. Contact us today for more information. We’ll be pleased to help you.

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