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IMS Franking Machines strive to deliver the best information and products to clients and as a leader in the mail services consultancy field we want to remind you that you could achieve a better deal and employ state of the art technology for your postal tasks.

If you run an organisation which send hundreds or thousands of items of mail a week but you haven’t heard of Royal Mail’s Mailmark posting products, then you are not enjoying the optimum technology or the best pricing tariff that’s available.

Mailmark’s posting products have been structured with the newest kind of franking machine in mind. Smart franking machines are smart technology enabled and offer facilities which the older models of franking machines can’t.

Royal Mail insists that all new franking machines are smart ones so that more clients may enjoy the full range of Mailmark posting products and comprehensive tracking and reporting tools. All smart franking machines are eligible for VAT reclaim.

The Development of Mailmark Posting Products

Royal Mail invested approximately £70 million in Mailmark’s development in response to demands for greater visibility for the client and effective monitoring of usage and VAT reclaim amounts.

The crown and die of the standard franking machine has been replaced by a 2D readable barcode on Mailmark posting products and this enables clients to log and follow an item of mail’s progress through the postal system. All issues like incomplete addresses are highlighted online via a dashboard facility.

Mailmark posting products facilitate weekday collections by Royal Mail. Clients that spend £15000+ with them per annum can enjoy free collections. Other clients can pay an annual subscription fee or take advantage of one-off collections.

As with standard franking machines the capabilities for advertising and to add logos, slogans, messages and deliver a professional impression are extensive. There’s maximised efficiency through the smart technology which heavy usage clients will find hugely beneficial.

Almost all clients who take advantage of smart technology franking machines and Mailmark postal products save money. Stamps are always more expensive than franked mail and smart franking machines allow further price reductions.

Here’s an illustration:

1500 1st class small envelopes under 100 grams.

Stamps: 64p X 1500 = £960.

Standard franked mail: 53p X 1500 = £795.

Mailmark franked mail: 51p X 1500 = £765.

We’re happy to help you decide which Mailmark posting products and franking machines will be the most suitable for you.

Below are two high usage franking machines which are eligible for Mailmark.

Connect + 2000:

  • Smart technology franking machine.
  • VAT benefits.
  • Processes up to 180 envelopes per minute.
  • Optional 5kg – 35kg weighing platform.
  • 50 Accounts, with up to 500 option.
  • Colour printing at 1200 dpi.
  • 10.2” colour touch screen.
  • Online account management.


The IMS500:

  • Smart technology franking machine.
  • Eligible for VAT reclaim.
  • Franks up to 120 letters a minute.
  • Accurate.
  • Automates to maximise efficiency.
  • High capacity feeding deck.
  • Weigh-on-the Way (WOW.)
  • 5kg integrated scale.
  • Download graphic images/create envelope text.
  • Colour envelope printing.
  • 50 accounts as standard. (500 optional.)


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