Mailroom Equipment That Saves You Time

Mailroom Equipment Hire
  • Is your mailroom equipment in fine working order or has it lost its enthusiasm after a few thousand uses and it now chugs away grumpily?
  • Are your trusty old manual postal scales something from bygone age?
  • Does your mailroom team spend a lot of their time opening envelopes when they could leave a machine to do this mundane task?
  • Does the marketing team spend a ridiculous amount of their workday inserting mailers in to envelopes when they could be much better employed on other duties?
  • Would you like to know how you can maximise the efficiency of your mailroom with a small investment in technology?

Here at IMS we don’t focus solely on franking machines, we serve clients with ancillary products from letter inserters and openers to postal scales and Excel monitoring machines.

If a sales pitch needs to be written but the staff member is lost under a mountain of post for the first couple of hours in a work day you lose the advantage and possibly the sale. If a team member has been taken off the phones to deal with the post then customer service may be compromised.

Every penny counts and so your team must be ready to leap in to action rather than be held from core business tasks in a mailroom completing a task that lost its allure after the first envelope opening.

You may think that your employees are doing an excellent job and they are, we won’t have a word said against them, but unless you are employing superheroes they can’t match the pace and efficiency of the mailroom equipment on offer today.

An Introduction To Our Fantastic Mailroom Equipment

Here are a few examples of mailroom equipment that will set staff free and make mail logistics swift and a pleasure to behold.

IMS Letter openers

The IMS125 and IMS127 were designed with mailroom volumes in mind. Using intelligent technology, they mill and open mail without causing any damage to the contents. Envelopes can be up to 7mm thick.

The IMS125 and IMS127 are capable of opening 35000 letters every hour. That’s an impossibility for staff.

IMS Postal scales

You can’t run a mailroom without postal scales. Our compact and easy to use Excel digital postal scales for 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, 30kg or with the flexiscale option, are a fantastic resource in the mailroom. These postal scales have technology that allows 10 carriers information to be saved within them and there is a 16 digit LCD screen for clear viewing. You can maximise your savings by comparing carriers and expenditure.

IMS Mail monitor

As Royal Mail has lost its monopoly on postal services the need for a product that reports on expenditure through a variety of household name couriers has grown. The IMS mail monitor will allow you to analyse where money could be saved and how much has been spent with whichever service providers you have listed.

We have other time saving and cost effective mailroom equipment for you to choose so why not give us a call?

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