Rethink Your Small Business Mail Services

Smart franking machines

Small businesses can benefit hugely by using mailroom equipment and smart franking machines.

It’s a common misconception that enterprises need to be medium or large to enjoy cost savings and efficiency improvements but even if your business operates from a home office you can save time and money sending as little as five items of post a day.

Small business mail services with smart franking machines that facilitate Mailmark, Royal Mail’s best technology allied with optimum pricing, is an avenue that shouldn’t be ignored. You can claim back VAT with these machines.

If you have a standard franking machine you should consider an upgrade to a more sophisticated model with greater reporting and visibility.

1st class small envelope costs:

Stamp: 64p

Standard franked mail: 53p

Mailmark smart franked mail: 51p

Starting To See The Benefit of Mail Services?

Can you afford to lose money every time you send mail? No? Then please look at a smart franking machine and mailroom equipment that maximises your business’ profit potential.

With smart franking machines the crown and die image of standard franking is replaced by a two dimensional barcode which can be read as the item is processed through the mail network. Senders can see issues like an unrecognised address via a customised dashboard.

Smart franking machines which are tailored to small users are authorised by Royal Mail and are available from us as accredited suppliers.

The IMS60:

  • Tailored to 5+ items of post per day.
  • Smart technology digital franking machine.
  • Built in 2.5kg scales.
  • Ideal for a home office/small business.
  • 100% accuracy for postage costs.
  • Eligible for VAT reclaim benefits.
  • Programmable for 10 cost centres/departments.
  • It’s convenient, efficient and compact.
  • Secure, only assigned users can access it.
  • Contains 5 pre-programmed messages.
  • Logos and slogans may be added.
  • Date stamps incoming mail.


  • Tailored for 20-75 items of post per day.
  • 40 Letters per minute.
  • Interactive and intuitive smart technology.
  • Sleep mode.
  • Built in 2.5kg scales.
  • 100% accuracy for postage costs.
  • Eligible for VAT reclaim benefits.
  • Programmable for 25 cost centres/departments.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Secure, only assigned staff can use it.
  • Logos and slogans may be added.
  • Date stamps incoming mail.
  • Constant connection for re-crediting and downloads.

Other mailroom equipment that delivers cost and labour savings include letter openers, scales, mail monitors and letter inserters.

No matter how efficient your staff members are, technology can outperform them. Meanwhile they are free to carry out other core business tasks.

Here are two examples of mailroom equipment for small business mail services.

IMS Excel mail monitor

Royal Mail has several competitors and this monitor allows you to check your expenditure via the several household companies that carry items so that you can have confidence that you are getting the best deal.

Letter openers

The IMS125/IMS127 letter openers use intelligent technology to mill and open mail without damaging the contents. Envelopes can be up to 7mm thick.

They can open 35000 letters every hour so for a small business with twenty-fifty items it should only take seconds.

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