Royal Mail Franking Machines: Is Yours Still Humming?

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Royal Mail franking machines are the engines that drive business mail in the UK. Companies using them have access to better rates, special offers, and a more efficient way of sending out mail in large quantities. Still, we wonder how many businesses are sending out as much mail as they used to. What about your company? Is you franking machine still humming along?

Earlier this year (2017), Royal Mail revealed its financials following the 2016 holiday season. To their dismay, the volume of letters they processed in the final few months of the year did not come in as high as they had hoped. Brexit fears apparently caused some companies to rethink their junk mailings. As a result of the poorer than expected numbers, shares of Royal Mail dropped some 5% in January.

Royal Mail reported a healthy volume of parcels during the same period. Unfortunately, parcel volumes were still not enough to overcome the drop in junk mailings. Royal Mail's revenues for the last nine months of the year were down 2% as a result of fewer letters being sent.

Royal Mail Franking Machines Are Still The Best Option

Certainly, the numbers from Royal Mail are not as encouraging as we would like them to be. But a 5% drop in share price along with a 2% drop in total revenues is nothing to panic about. What's more, companies using Royal Mail franking machines are still taking advantage of the best option for sending business mail. There is no more efficient or cost-effective way to do it.

Businesses using the latest smart machines benefit the most through reduce rates. That is important, given the fact that Royal Mail just increased their prices at the start of the new financial year. But beyond that, modern franking machines make the process of sending out business mail so much easier.

Franked mail is easier to track thanks to daily updates posted by Royal Mail. The QR codes generated by franking machines can be used to embed data in mailing labels for all sorts of purposes. And, of course, franking machines eliminate the need to individually process every piece of mail being sent out.

It's Time To Embrace Franked Mail

If your company is still sending out business mail manually, we invite you to contact us to learn more about franked mail. We carry a full range of Royal Mail franking machines along with all the mailroom and office supplies you need. We offer competitive pricing and full support as well.

Royal Mail may not have had a stellar 2016 in financial terms, but these kinds of things are cyclical in nature. You don't need to worry about their future as it relates to your company's business mail needs. They will keep humming along for as long as we need to send mail. We want your mailroom to keep humming along as well. If you don't yet have a Royal Mail franking machine, now is the time to embrace franked mail.


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