Royal Mail Franking Prices Announced for 2017/ 2018

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Royal Mail stamp and franking prices have only got a few weeks left at their current rates. From March 27th 2017 the fees paid by stamp, standard franking and Mailmark franking machine users are increasing. Stay ahead in business by being proactive and aware of what this means for your enterprise.

You should already be aware that the cost of stamps is always higher than a standard franking machine’s postage costs and the smart technology franking machines which are Mailmark eligible save more money again.

Can your business afford to spend over the odds for postage? No.

Who do you need to contact to achieve the best pricing and mailroom equipment?

Us, IMS Franking Machines. We’ll maximise your potential via Royal Mail approved smart franking machines which allow you to enjoy the best pricing tariff and technology on the market.

Don’t let the 27th March pass without addressing the issue of expenditure. Post is an ever present overhead but that doesn’t mean that it should cripple your enterprise or hamper productivity.


Currently, a 1st class <100 grams small envelope costs:

1st class stamp: 64p

Standard franking 1st class: 53p

Mailmark franking 1st class: 51p

From 27th March 2017: (Prices announced 24th February 2017.)

1st class stamp: 65p

Standard franking 1st class: 57p

Mailmark franking 1st class: 55p

To get the best value and the maximum levels of technology, reporting and visibility tools the smart franking machines deliver a cost effective and time saving practical solution.

Imagine 1000 items of post per month at 55p – That equals £550 for Mailmark customers.

Another £20 per month is spent if you’re a standard franking machine user and a wholly preventable £100 extra if you continue to use stamps. Of course, stamps would cost you £1200 more over the year using this new cost illustration.

The rental or purchase of a smart franking machine is an expenditure, but it’s a wise one compared to the escalating cost of stamps and standard franking.

Packages, special delivery and sign on delivery are handled from the business premises so there’s no frustrating queuing at the post office. You can have mail collections or use the designated mailboxes.

A primary benefit, after the optimum pricing and reporting via Mailmark, is the free marketing potential with the ability to add unique messages, slogans and logos to franking labels and envelopes.

Ensure that when 27th March dawns that your enterprise has mailroom equipment that sets you ahead of rivals meaning that costs saved on post can be diverted to other core business interests.

Consider our business mail services package, the Gold Star package, which includes:

  • Free installation.
  • Free operator training.
  • Free 12 months warranty.
  • Free logo.


We know that when smart franking machines, Mailmark, top level mailroom equipment, from scales to letter inserters, and consumables are used the benefits are highly evident.

Don’t let Royal Mail price changes lead you towards panic. Take a deep breath and absorb the implications and seek advantages. We’re happy to help you.

Why not contact us and find out what IMS can do for you?