Should Business Mail Services Be Part of the Marketing Budget?

Business Mail Services

In just a few short months, company executives will begin budget meetings to set the agenda for 2018. In some of those meetings, the question of whether to include business mail services in the marketing budget or not will be bandied about. It is a legitimate question with no black or white answer.

There is little doubt that marketing is a required tool of successful business. As to whether business mail marketing makes sense or not, that depends on the company. Business mail continues to be a wonderful way to get certain kinds of documents into the hands of recipients in a way that demands their attention. That's why companies still send invoices by mail. Marketing may be a different matter, though.

Marketing Budget Size

How much does your company spend on marketing? Is it ten per cent of your total budget? Is it fifteen per cent? It has been our experience that companies with more money to spend on marketing include a separate entry for business mail services dedicated to that marketing in the annual budget. Companies with smaller marketing expenses may just roll all the business mail into a single entry.

The benefit of a separate entry is that it helps management better understand how marketing funds are being spent. Marketers might spend so much on business mail, another amount on printing, and an additional amount on social media and pay-per-click advertising. That is a good start, but the budget can be even more specific.

Under business mail services for marketing, there can be entries for:

  • franking machine costs (postage, ink, etc.)
  • printed marketing materials
  • envelopes and labels
  • miscellaneous office supplies.

There really is no limit to how detailed a budget can be. The main goal is to make it detailed enough to accurately track how much is being spent on marketing and the ways in which it is being spent.

Do Not Spend Too Much

Ultimately, companies do not want to spend more than they have to on anything, marketing included. We understand that. In fact, that is why we advise companies that use business mail services for marketing to invest in a modern franking machine. Franked mail using Royal Mail's MailMark system give businesses the best possible rates on letters and parcels. The right franking machine also saves money by making the mailroom more efficient.

Perhaps your company is thinking about expanding the marketing budget for 2018. If so, are there any plans to utilise more business mail services? We can help by working with you on securing a franking machine perfect for your needs and complimented by all the mailroom and office supplies you will need.

If business mail services are already part of your company’s marketing budget, make sure you are investing wisely. Spending the right amount in the right way can yield very good dividends. Remember, business mail is not dead. It remains one of the best ways to reach customers with paper documents.

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