Smart Franking Machines Rule the Festive Season

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Royal Mail has just announced recommended posting dates for people sending Christmas mail and packages to both Western and Eastern Europe. Though the posting dates don't necessarily apply to business mail, the fact that Royal Mail has released the information is a reminder of just how important smart franking machines are this time of year. Smart franking machines rule the festive season.

Before we get to smart franking machines, let's first review Royal Mail postal recommendations. The recommendations apply to international economy surface mail and standard economy mail.

Economy surface letters and parcels being sent to Cyprus, Greece, Iceland, Malta, and Turkey must be posted by November 2 in order to be guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas. Economy mail being sent throughout Western Europe – Royal Mail specifically mentioned France, Germany, and Italy – must be posted no later than November 16 in order to arrive on time.

Royal Mail network head Andy Pickering made it clear in his official remarks how easy it is to forget that mail can still take a long time to reach its destination during the festive season. That leads us to why smart franking machines are so important this time of year.

Business Mail Affected by Volume

Royal Mail's recommended posting dates may not necessarily apply to business mail, but that does not mean seasonal volumes will not affect business mailers. In fact, they will. Business mail is just as subject to volume increases as any other kind of mail. Furthermore, Royal Mail does not discriminate against certain kinds of mail in its delivery practices. As mail volume goes up, it puts just as much stress on business mail as it does non-business mail.

A smart franking machine gives business mail users multiple advantages. First and foremost, they get the best possible rates for all their letters and parcels. You can visit the Royal Mail website for complete listing of all mail rates, then compare what counter customers pay as opposed to business mailers who use smart franking machines.

The next thing to know is that smart franking machines offer business mail users built-in tools to help them better manage their mail. Embedded software makes it easier to check mailing addresses and, where necessary, edit them. The software also provides a tracking function so that mailers always know where their mail is at any point in the process.

If mail is not delivered or is sent out with improper postage, smart franking machine software lets the sender know that too. Smart franking machines even allow for embedded data within mail label barcodes. That means business mail users can take advantage of the barcode for tracking purposes, adding customer information, better managing inventory, and more.

The festive season is the busiest time of the year for Royal Mail. If you are a business mail user, do not allow your mail to be lost in the Christmas shuffle. Instead, take advantage of a smart franking machine to rule the festive season.


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