Speed Up Your Mail Processing With Franking Machine Rental

IMS220 Franking Machine Rental

Switch from stamps or franked mail to smart technology franking machines which allow users to take advantage of Mailmark, Royal Mail’s optimum service and pricing package. As an incentive for businesses the smart franking machines on the market have VAT reclaim benefits.

Royal Mail stipulates that all new franking machines must be smart so full advantage can be taken of technological, visibility and reporting developments. They have invested approximately £70 million facilitating enhanced services in areas they know are important to small and large postal services users.

About Our Franking Machine Rental

The crown and die of the standard franking machine has been replaced by a 2D readable barcode on Mailmark smart franking machines mail. Clients log on to a dashboard to follow an item of mail as it progresses and to see delay issues like incomplete addresses.

Franking machine rental is often preferred to purchases as it spreads the cost and permits budgeting.

We are experts who are accredited and work with Royal Mail so when you hire or buy from us you have peace of mind that your mailroom equipment meets the current standards and will serve you well in future months or years. It’s also highly competitively priced.

Below are a couple of smart franking machine rental/purchase options which will speed up your mail processing:

The IMS220:

  • Franks up to 45 letters per minute.
  • Compact machine.
  • User friendly.
  • Digital device.
  • 5kg integrated scale.
  • Differential weighing.
  • Maximum envelope thickness of 9.5mm.
  • Customised logos.
  • Add text messages.
  • Date stamps incoming mail.
  • 1 to100 cost centres.
  • Offers VAT reclaim benefits.

Connect + 2000: High usage

  • Processes up to 180 envelopes per minute.
  • Optional platform: 5kg – 35kg weight.
  • 1200 dpi colour printing.
  • 10.2” colour touch screen.
  • Online account management.
  • 50 accounts. (Up to 500 option.)
  • VAT reclaim benefits.

Mailroom equipment encompasses more products than smart franking machines. To maximise productivity you should make the small investment in additional tools that can transform efficiency and minimise the manual labour required.

If you have reservations about obtaining letter inserters, openers, scales and mail monitors then hopefully the below examples will persuade you that even your most dedicated team members can’t achieve the levels of service that specialist mailroom equipment can.

  • The Relay 5000 letter inserter is for high volume post room users. It has an hourly capacity of 4000 items per hour.
  • The IMS125 and IMS127 are intelligent technology tools for milling and opening mail. The contents won’t be damaged. Staff can attend to other tasks.
    The IMS125 and IMS127 open 35000 letters every hour!
  • If your franking machine doesn’t have an integral scale then our space saving easy to use Excel digital postal scales for 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, 30kg or scales with the flexiscale option, are must have mailroom equipment. Up to 10 couriers’ information can be saved and a clear LCD screen helps save time and money.

IMS’s experts are always happy to discuss mailroom equipment, franking machine rental and how you can use technology to operate more effectively.

Why not contact us and find out what IMS can do for you?