Things Can Get Ugly When the Franking Machine Goes Down

Franking Machine

The combination of a mail franking machine and reliable Royal Mail postal services has made the modern mailroom more efficient and cost-effective than at any point in the past. Even small companies with limited mailroom budgets are known to benefit from franking. But all is not perfect. Mail franking machines do go down from time to time and when they do, things in the mailroom can get ugly.

Royal Mail Post services cannot account for mechanical failures or other problems with franking machines. So it's up to companies to make sure their franking machines are always up and running. When things do go wrong, having contingency plans in place helps a great deal. To give you a better idea of what we are talking about, we have provided a couple of examples below.

Scenario #1 – Running out of Ink

One of the most maddening things that can take place in the mailroom is running out of ink for the franking machine. Why is it so frustrating? Because it is completely avoidable. To have the mailroom come to a screeching halt simply because the franking machine runs out of ink and there is no repla cement cartridge on hand just screams of someone not doing his or her job properly.

If the mailroom runs out of ink, everything comes to a grinding halt until a new cartridge can be procured. Hopefully there is a local establishment in town with the necessary cartridge in stock. If it has to be ordered online, mail room employees could be spending the next several hours taking mail to the Post Office.

Scenario #2 – Running Out of Postal Labels

Running out of postal labels is in the same category with running out of ink. It is a completely avoidable scenario that wastes time by shutting down the mailroom and forcing outgoing mail to be sent manually until news labels arrive.

Scenario #3 – Mechanical Breakdown

The mechanical breakdown of a mail franking machine can cause long-term problems that last for days. Hopefully management already has a service contract in place that calls for a technician to be on site within hours of a breakdown. With any luck, the machine doesn't have to be sent away or replaced entirely.

It should be noted that some mechanical breakdowns are avoidable via regular maintenance on the mail franking machine. Companies that rent their machines enjoy the benefit of regular service, but those who buy assume the responsibility of making sure maintenance is performed.

Avoid Franking Machine and Mailroom Shutdowns

There would be no such thing as a mailroom shutdown in a perfect world. But this world is far from perfect. Things that can bring the mailroom to a standstill happen from time to time. Having said that, companies that stay ahead of their mail franking supplies and regular maintenance are less likely to have issues with their franking machines. While things may get ugly in other mailrooms, mail keeps moving along in the mailroom that is prepared.

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