Tips for Improving Mailroom Services

Improving Mailroom Services

The company mailroom has often been described as organised chaos. For companies of all sizes, the mailroom can either be an efficient operation that processes both incoming and outgoing mail without disruption, or a place where mail goes to die. The first scenario is obviously the preferred one.

As a provider of Royal Mail Mailmark franking machines and supplies, we have had plenty of opportunities to work with mailroom supervisors searching for innovative ways to get their operations running more smoothly. Our experience has taught us that there are a few things failing mailrooms have in common. Likewise, there are a few successful strategies efficient mailrooms tend to embrace.

4 Tips For Better Mailroom Services

Tip #1: Embrace Technology

Technology is great for improving efficiency if it is used properly. In the mailroom, no piece of technology is more important than the smart franking machine. Smart franking machines authorised by the Mailmark scheme are capable of significantly increasing mailroom efficiency.

Mail sent out via Mailmark can be tracked from the moment it is marked to the moment it is delivered. Advanced Mailmark software makes predicting delivery dates more reliable. Senders have access to online tools covering everything from reporting to the status of mail delivery to the accuracy of the mailing label date. All of it is made possible by smart franking machines. If your company is not yet using one, it is time to upgrade.

Tip #2: Define Your Workflow

The most disorganised mailrooms are those with no defined workflow. Thankfully, this is easy to change. Defining workflow is a simple matter of assessing each task performed in the mailroom and then categorising them into manageable groups that keep outgoing and incoming mail separate. Defining your workflow reduces the incidence of overlapping tasks known to impact efficiency.

Tip #3: Assign Workflow Tasks

Once workflow has been clearly defined, groups of tasks should be assigned to individual workers according to skills and abilities. It is far more efficient for each worker to focus on a limited number of tasks rather than having everyone assigned responsibility for every task in the mailroom. If it helps, think of mailroom services as an assembly line. Assigning limited tasks to designated individuals improves mailroom services through greater efficiency.

Tip #4: Implement Tighter Data Control Practices

The key to using smart franking machines to maximum potential is data. The data we are talking about includes recipient addresses and tracking data. In this regard, increasing mailroom efficiency is a lot like website analytics. The data tells you what needs to be improved, then provides a way of measuring whether improvements have been achieved or not. In order to make data work for you, tighter data control practices need to be put in place.

If your mailroom is leaning toward the chaos side of the equation, it is time for you to look at ways to improve mailroom services. Hopefully, the four tips offered here will be of use to you.

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