What Mailroom Supplies and Mailroom Workers Have in Common

Mailroom Suppliers

Have you ever heard the old adage of a top-level company executive starting his career in the mailroom? As the story goes, the powerful CEO started as a know-nothing, lowly mail clerk only to work his way up to the executive suite. It is a motivating and empowering story but one that does disservice to mailroom clerks everywhere.

The people who work the mailroom are not know-nothing employees with no marketable skills. They are important contributors whose efforts are as vital to the success of a company as any other employee. A good way to understand it is to compare mailroom workers with the mailroom supplies they use to do their jobs.

The Right Workers Make a Difference

Take a look around your company mailroom and assess what is used to get the mail out. Mailroom supplies include everything from envelopes to labels to the ink used in mail franking machines. But what you are looking at goes deeper than just the actual supplies. Whoever orders those mailroom supplies need to make sure he/she is getting the right products. Having the wrong ink for a franking machine, for example, could spell disaster.

Just like the mailroom needs the right supplies to keep things running smoothly, it also requires the right staff members. Mailroom staff who do their jobs well possess certain skillsets not necessarily found elsewhere in the company. For example, the average mailroom worker must have excellent memorisation skills. He or she must possess an attention to detail that rivals that of an accountant.

Mailroom workers tend to have to be able to lift heavy items; they need good hand eye coordination as well. So in addition to having the right mind for the job, mailroom employees also have to have the physical capabilities to perform what can be strenuous daily tasks.

The Right Number of Workers

Along with having mailroom workers with the right skillsets, a well-functioning mailroom also needs the right number of workers. We can think in terms of mailroom supplies once again.

Preventing a mailroom shut down means having an ample supply of everything needed to keep the mail moving. The mailroom should always be fully stocked so that there is plenty of time to order new supplies before existing inventories are completely exhausted. Staffing the mailroom is very similar.

A functioning mailroom needs enough workers to complete daily tasks without stretching everyone to their limits. There needs to be enough overlap in the staff to pick up the slack when one or two happen to be out for illness or personal reasons. If a company mailroom is always operating on overtime, it is an indication that more staff should be added.

If you are having trouble understanding the value of your mailroom employees, try thinking about it in terms of your mailroom supplies. You might be surprised at how much they have in common – and how valuable both are to the success of your mailroom.

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