What Makes Smart Franking Machines Smart?

IMS400 franking machine

We live in an era of smartphones, smart homes, and even smart cars. Confusion reigns among consumers because there is no clear-cut definition of what a 'smart' technology really is. The confusion is even observed among business mail customers who use smart franking machines to process their mail.

So what exactly is a smart franking machine? What is it about these machines that qualifies them as being 'smart'? These are both very good questions we intend to answer in this post. If you have any questions about your current mail franking machine or the newest Royal Mail Mailmark machines we carry, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Be Smart about VAT

The average smart franking machine has a number of technological advances built in. But all these machines start in the same place: correctly calculating VAT. This was not a problem until 2011 legislation changed the rules regarding how mail is sent in the EU. The legislation means that some mail is subject to VAT while some is not.

A good example of VAT-eligible mail is Special Delivery Next Day. Sending this kind of mail will incur a VAT charge that has to be tracked and paid to the proper taxing authorities. The difficulty companies face is that of learning the various breakdowns and how VAT applies to different kinds of mail. A smart franking machine handles all that work by itself.

A smart franking machine automatically does the breakdown using just a little bit of data input by the user. The machine guarantees that both the user and Royal Mail are working with the correct VAT figure for invoices and when reclaiming tax from HMRC. That same information is generated in reporting for easier tracking of spend.

Other Features of the Smart Machine

The latest models of smart franking machines go above and beyond just calculating VAT. For example, smart machines give users access to all the latest postal discounts based on currently published rates from Royal Mail. As a user of Business Mail Advanced sending out hundreds of pieces every month, you could save quite a bit by using a smart franking machine.

Smart franking machines are available with cloud based software that lets users create online accounts for mail and spend tracking purposes. You can access all your data in one place for efficient tracking, reporting, and monitoring. Best of all, you do not even have to be at the office to do so. You can log on to your account anywhere and at any time.

Smart franking machines put the 'smart' in business mail by eliminating a lot of the hassle that comes with sending different kinds of mail. With a Smart machine, you will never have to worry about calculating and paying the correct VAT ever again. You will be able to keep track of how much you spend on business mail with ease, and access reports that ensure that you reclaim the right amount.

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