When Start-Ups Invest in Mailroom Supplies

Picture of Business Mail

It is not unusual for a start-up to begin in an entrepreneur's home. From technology start-ups to service-orientated businesses, new entrepreneurs often don't need a lot of space to get things rolling. Yet a well-run business will not enjoy that luxury for long. A good sign that it's time to expand to separate space is a start-up having to think about investing in bulk mailroom supplies.

A growing and expanding business is one that is constantly reaching out to customers. There are lots of ways to do that, including business mail. Companies of all sizes use business mail to send out invoices, engage in direct mail marketing, exchange official documents, etc. The heart of all the activity is the mailroom.

A big part of keeping the mailroom operating smoothly is having enough mailroom supplies on hand. This is why we say having to invest in bulk mailroom supplies is a good sign that a business is ready to expand into separate space. If you are sending out enough mail to require ordering bulk supplies, your business should probably be looking at more space to accommodate its growth.

To that end, we recommend keeping the following mailroom supplies on hand at all times:

Address Labels

Printing addresses on labels rather than directly on envelopes is beneficial for a number of reasons. Most importantly, labels cost less than envelopes. If you make a mistake with an address label you can print a new one without losing an envelope. Make a mistake on an envelope and it will cost you money. In light of that, it is important to have an ample supply of address labels on hand before the start of every mail run.

Different Kinds of Envelopes

Business mail comes in all shapes and sizes. Standard letters are usually the norm, but there might be times when you need to mail documents that cannot be folded or other items that don't fit into a standard envelope. Therefore, maintaining a broad selection of various kinds of envelopes and tubes is always a good idea.

Rubber Bands and Paper clips

One of the most annoying things you can experience during a chaotic mail run is not being able to find a rubber band or paper clip. These two seemingly insignificant items are things that we use in the mailroom all the time. We just never realise how important they are until there are none to be found. Make sure you include rubber bands and paper-clips in your inventory of mailroom supplies.

Packing Supplies

If your business mail routinely includes sending packages, you will need to have an ample supply of packing materials on hand. This includes things like hand-stretch film, foam, and void fill.

Of course, your inventory of mailroom supplies is not complete without a state-of-the-art mail franking machine. Start-ups should consider mail franking right from the start. Franked mail offers better rates as well as a host of tools to help management of business mail easier.

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