Why You Should Upgrade to MailMark Franking Machines

Mailmark Franked Mail

Small businesses using Royal Mail to interact with customers can do so either with stamped mail or mail franking. Franked mail is a less costly, more efficient way to send out letters and parcels, even if a small business does so only a few times per week. The efficiency and cost savings obviously increase the more mail is utilised.

As you may know, Royal Mail introduced new MailMark franking machines a couple of years ago. The machines were intended to make the mail franking process more efficient for both the customer and Royal Mail themselves. Unfortunately, there are a lot of small businesses still using the old machines. We encourage upgrading whenever it is practical.

Why consider upgrading to MailMark franking machines?

Consider the following six advantages:

  1. No Minimum or Maximum Volumes

    With MailMark franking machines, there is no minimum or maximum volume imposed on businesses. The savings that come through the MailMark programme apply whether you send out one letter or 1,000 parcels. That means businesses of all sizes will benefit from machine upgrades.

  2. Significant Cost Savings

    Speaking of saving money regardless of the size of your business, the savings are significant. Take just a second class letter as one example. Customers with MailMark franking machines save 18p compared to customers using stamped mail. Savings are realised across every class of mail, in every weight and size.

  3. Better Cost Management

    MailMark franking allows customers to better manage their spend through better tracking of their costs. Credit can be uploaded on as needed basis, thereby preventing the mail room from sitting on cash that can be used elsewhere. Better spend management combined with across-the-board savings can really help the bottom line.

  4. Greater Efficiency

    The latest MailMark franking machines are highly sophisticated devices that make processing mail more efficient, faster, and more accurate. The largest and most advanced franking machines demonstrate the biggest improvements, but even basic MailMark machines offer a notable performance boost over their older counterparts.

  5. Service and Maintenance

    All genuine MailMark franking machines are maintained and serviced by authorised Royal Mail suppliers. This ensures your MailMark machine will always be maintained to the highest possible standards so that reliability is never questioned. When repairs are made, you can count on them being done correctly.

  6. Future Products and Services

    MailMark users have direct access to future products and services that stamped mail users do not. Royal Mail intends these new products and services to encourage small businesses to use the company’s franking machines.

IMS Franking is extremely proud to be an authorised Royal Mail supplier. We carry a full range of MailMark franking machines suitable for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are sending out just a small volume of first-class letters or an endless number of letters and parcels, upgrading to a new MailMark machine is probably a smart move for your business. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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