World's Most Remote Post Office to Open Soon

Picture of Post Office Inside

Does your company struggle to make sure its mailroom services continue running at optimal performance? If not, perhaps your mailroom staff would like a bigger challenge. You might want to encourage them to volunteer for the world's most remote post office, which just happens to be getting ready to open in November.

The post office in question is known as the Penguin Post Office because it is located in Antarctica. It's operated by the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust at a remote outpost known as Port Lockroy, situated on Goudier Island. The extreme weather in Antarctica dictates that the post office is only open during the Antarctic summer when tourists flock to the area. And because the post office is seasonal, it is operated every year by volunteers.

Antarctic Mail Services

If you're wondering what kind of mail services are offered at the Penguin Post Office, then know that just about everything you'd find in your local Royal Mail office is available there. The post office even processes franked mail, though we have no idea why tourists would need access to it. It's not as though they are running businesses that send out large volumes of business mail every month. Regardless, franked mail service is available.

What's most interesting about the Penguin Post Office is that all the volunteers who run it are more than just postal workers. They also have to be scientists. Why? Because the main attraction of Goudier Island are the penguins that live there. Post office staff travel to the island as much to study the penguins as to sell stamps. Many of the tourists are there for scientific purposes as well.

Reaching Every Corner of the Globe

It's too late to volunteer for the Penguin Post Office this year as the 2017 team is already in Antarctica preparing for the November opening. But you can volunteer for next year if licking stamps with the penguins is something that interests you. Be prepared to step back in time, though. Housing on the island does not include mains power, plumbing, or heating.

With all that said, the Penguin Post Office is proof positive that mail reaches every corner of the globe – wherever post offices can be found. As a business owner, this should tell you that postal delivery is still one of the most effective ways to reach your customers. So while you're fine-tuning mailroom services to make sure things run smoothly for you and your staff, consider how you're actually reaching your customers through the mail.

If your mailroom services don't include mail franking, it's time to change that. Franked mail gives you the best possible rates offered by Royal Mail to business customers. A new franking machine with updated software also gives you access to new tools for mail tracking and mailing list maintenance.

Next time you're processing business mail, think about the volunteers at the Penguin Post Office. You might even send them a letter or two.


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