You and Your Franking Machine

Franking Machine Rental

Here at IMS in Aldermaston (Reading) we realised a long time ago that the future of postage lay with franking machines and not stamps.

Royal Mail actively promotes franking machines with price incentives and cutting edge technology so why would you want to work with yesterday's 'easy to tear' and more costly method?

Whether a franking machine is taken on a contract hire basis or you choose to buy your franking machine outright there are a number of reasons why relinquishing stamps and endless queuing at the Post Office should have you contacting us, perhaps even before you’ve finished reading this!

IMS offers you flexibility

Do you want to buy a franking machine outright and pay as you go for supplies?

Would you like to receive rental invoices on a monthly basis?

Are you happy to buy franking machine supplies from us within a rental agreement?

IMS offers online accounting for maximised convenience.

IMS helps you to buy/take out contract hire

Buying a franking machine may prove more expensive at first but over time a purchased machine tends to be less of a financial outlay to its owner. Machines cost around £1000 or more so you should factor this in to any considerations.

A hugely important note: When you buy a franking machine you will need a license for it. This can only be provided by a Royal Mail approved source and an annual fee is payable.

Ask us for more details.

Contract hire of a franking machine is an easier option if you need to spread the expenditure. You can budget month by month and there are no unexpected expenses.

Promote smart technology with a franking machine

Royal Mail has stipulated that all newly bought franking machines should be smart technology enabled. VAT reclaim is a benefit of the newest and cutting edge technology franking machines.

These are known as smart franking machines and they ally excellent efficiency with in depth reporting tools. These franking machines can calculate the amount spent on postage and the value of reclaimable VAT.

IMS can advise on the best rental and buy options

Volume has a huge bearing on the franking machine you choose and our experts can talk you through the range of choices, from light usage to heavy, prior to signing any contracts.

It’s advisable to study your post. Record its average volumes, sizes and weights so that you can accurately assess usage. Don’t think of today alone.

Whether you take a contract hire machine or buy a franking machine it will need to absorb an increase in business that you would hope to experience in the following years of trading.

IMS offers you the complete package

Rental franking machine contracts normally contain a clause which limits the sales of all additional supplies to IMS. As it is convenient and easy to order online and we are highly competitive this shouldn’t cause issues but if you have any queries we’ll be happy to answer them. We can also sell supplies to non contracted clients.


Why not contact us and find out what IMS can do for you?