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Franking Machines: Should You Buy or Rent?

Companies frequently find that purchasing is a better financial decision in the long run, as well. This is especially true once the volume of business mail being sent out reaches a certain level. Yet there are legitimate reasons for renting. These are discussed in more detail below.

3 Common Mail Franking Mistakes and How to Fix Them

If you use a mail franking machine to process business mail – and you should – please understand that mail franking machines are not perfect. Even the newest Mailmark machines are not foolproof. There are times when mail is incorrectly franked and then has to be fixed. Thankfully, fixing mistakes is not hard to do.

World's Most Remote Post Office to Open Soon

​Does your company struggle to make sure its mailroom services continue running at optimal performance? If not, perhaps your mailroom staff would like a bigger challenge. You might want to encourage them to volunteer for the world's most remote post office, which just happens to be getting ready to open in November.

Franked Mail Services: Letters Won't Be 4 Years Late

Imagine sending a letter to a trusted customer with the expectation that said customer will respond within a reasonable amount of time. When no response comes, you assume your customer received your letter but was not motivated to do anything about it. You lose track of that customer to the point where you are no longer communicating, let alone doing business together. How would that affect your impression of that customer?

First Royal Mail Franking Machines, Now Electric Vans

When Royal Mail first dived into the pool of private ownership, they were not an organisation known for their technology. That has since changed with the introduction of new Royal Mail franking machines that are as cutting-edge as they can be. Now the postal service has another technology feather to add to its cap: fully electric vans.

3 Reasons to Upgrade to Ergonomic Office Chairs

You probably know IMS Franking as a Royal Mail authorised inspector and maintainer of mail franking machines, as well as an independent dealer. But our products and services go well beyond mail franking to include office supplies. We even sell ergonomic office chairs.

Buying Your First Franking Machine: What You Need to Know

Congratulations. It appears as though things are doing quite well. That said, we encourage you to not make the mistake of buying the first franking machine you come across. Choosing the right kind of machine could mean great things for your mailroom; the wrong machine can be a disaster.

4 Things as Important as Smart Franking Machines

It goes without saying that we fully endorse the use of smart franking machines for UK business mail. Smart franking machines give business mail customers access to the lowest possible postal rates along with advanced features that make tracking mail easier than ever before. Having said that, a smart franking machine alone will not turn an average mail room into one that operates at peak performance.

Business Mail Services Cannot Be Used for Everything

Royal Mail's business mail services can be used to send a lot of things via post. But Royal Mail will not deliver everything. In fact, they cannot deliver everything. There are certain restricted items that are not allowed in the post by law. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure anything you put in the post is legally allowed.

Things Can Get Ugly When the Franking Machine Goes Down

Royal Mail Post services cannot account for mechanical failures or other problems with franking machines. So it's up to companies to make sure their franking machines are always up and running. When things do go wrong, having contingency plans in place helps a great deal. To give you a better idea of what we are talking about, we have provided a couple of examples...

Mailroom Services and the History of Franked Mail

If your company utilises organised mailroom services to send out large volumes of business mail, it is quite likely that you use a mail franking machine. If not, you should think about transitioning to franked mail. A modern mail franking machine can save you money and make your mailroom more efficient.

Business Mail Has Come a Long Way in 200 Years

British philatelists were understandably thrilled this past February when they learned Royal Mail would be introducing a new set of postage stamps paying tribute to the role the rail industry has played in mail delivery. If nothing else, issuance of the labels demonstrates just how far business mail has come in the last 200 years.

Can a Franking Machine Be Part of the Digital Mailroom?

A lot of companies these days are turning to what is known as the 'digital mailroom'. The concept behind it is one of deploying software and hardware capable of processing incoming documents in order to increase efficiency, control security, reduce paper, etc. Recently, a customer asked if a franking machine is part of the digital mailroom concept? Our response: absolutely.

Why Order Office Supplies Through IMS?

At International Mailing Systems (IMS) we built our reputation on selling and servicing high-quality mail franking machines throughout the UK. But franked mail is not all that we do. It is the core of the IMS business model, but from that core we have developed a number of additional lines in order to serve our customers as best we can. One of those lines is office supplies.

Tips for Improving Mailroom Services

The company mailroom has often been described as organised chaos. For companies of all sizes, the mailroom can either be an efficient operation that processes both incoming and outgoing mail without disruption, or a place where mail goes to die. The first scenario is obviously the preferred one.

Royal Mail Franking Machines: Is Yours Still Humming?

Certainly, the numbers from Royal Mail are not as encouraging as we would like them to be. But a 5% drop in share price along with a 2% drop in total revenues is nothing to panic about. What's more, companies using Royal Mail franking machines are still taking advantage of the best option for sending business mail. There is no more efficient or cost-effective way to do it.

Mailroom Supplies and Equipment Every Business Needs

IMS Franking is a leading provider of certified MailMark franking machines to businesses all over the UK. And while we specialise in mail franking, we also know the importance of having a well-stocked mailroom. When a mailroom has everything that workers need to get the job done, the mail goes out quickly and more efficiently.

5 Reasons to Convert Business Mail Services to Mailmark

When Royal Mail first introduced the Mailmark platform, they framed it as a way to make business mail more efficient and cost-effective through the use of technology. We now know just how accurate those assertions were after having a couple of years to evaluate the Mailmark service. Needless to say, you should upgrade your business mail services to Mailmark if you have not yet done so.

Why You Should Upgrade to MailMark Franking Machines

As you may know, Royal Mail introduced new MailMark franking machines a couple of years ago. The machines were intended to make the mail franking process more efficient for both the customer and Royal Mail themselves. Unfortunately, there are a lot of small businesses still using the old machines. We encourage upgrading whenever it is practical.

Avoid Franking Machine Surcharges by Measuring Mail

We have mentioned in other blog posts how technology has changed the way UK businesses handle the mail room. Franking machines are at the top of the mail room food chain, making the process of sending large volumes of business mail more efficient than it has ever been.

How To Make The Most Of Royal Mail's Services

In order to make the most out of the Royal Mail's services it’s important to know your stuff. With a bit of research and planning you can
save yourself and your business lots of time and money when it comes to inbound and outbound mail.

Why Use Franking Machines?

Technology has completely changed the way that inbound and outbound mail works within a business. As mailroom technology evolves, you need to ensure
your business mail solutions are keeping up!

Create a Cost Effective Mailroom


In order for your business to thrive you need to be managing costs in each area. Unnecessary spending in your mailroom, for example, can have a knock on
effect to the rest of the budgeting. Because sending and processing mail can be an ongoing expense, it’s important to review the effectiveness of your
mailroom operations.


Trust the IMS Gold Star Package

Do you feel that many service providers promise great benefits in their sales literature and spiel but fall short of expectations when they are called
on to fulfil these same promises? It’s often when a crisis occurs that you find out the customer service standards are much lower than you’d expected.

Large Franking Machines Benefits

In a high volume mailroom you need the maximum level of efficiency. Staff can work devotedly but they simply won’t meet the processing times achieved
by mailroom equipment.

Rethink Your Small Business Mail Services

It’s a common misconception that enterprises need to be medium or large to enjoy cost savings and efficiency improvements but even if your business
operates from a home office you can save time and money sending as little as five items of post a day.

Speed Up Your Mail Processing With Franking Machine Rental

Switch from stamps or franked mail to smart technology franking machines which allow users to take advantage of Mailmark, Royal Mail’s optimum service
and pricing package. As an incentive for businesses the smart franking machines on the market have VAT reclaim benefits.

Mailroom Equipment That Saves You Time

Here at IMS we don’t focus solely on franking machines, we serve clients with ancillary products from letter inserters and openers to postal scales
and Excel monitoring machines.

Franking Machines Ancillary Products

At IMS Franking Machines we don’t just supply the franking machine for you to achieve optimum technology and cost savings. We are
proud to deliver a complete service which includes the ancillary products which can assist users whether they’re in a large post room or a small
to medium business.

Mailmark Posting Products

IMS Franking Machines strive to deliver the best information and products to clients and as a leader in the mail services consultancy field we want to
remind you that you could achieve a better deal and employ state of the art technology for your postal tasks.

Why not contact us and find out what IMS can do for you?