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Franked Mail Services: Letters Won't Be 4 Years Late

Imagine sending a letter to a trusted customer with the expectation that said customer will respond within a reasonable amount of time. When no response comes, you assume your customer received your letter but was not motivated to do anything about it. You lose track of that customer to the point where you are no longer communicating, let alone doing business together. How would that affect your impression of that customer?

First Royal Mail Franking Machines, Now Electric Vans

When Royal Mail first dived into the pool of private ownership, they were not an organisation known for their technology. That has since changed with the introduction of new Royal Mail franking machines that are as cutting-edge as they can be. Now the postal service has another technology feather to add to its cap: fully electric vans.

Royal Mail's FTSE Position Will Not Affect Business Mail

The BBC and other media outlets reported on 30th August that the FTSE 100 blue-chip index finished up by 27.83 points. Royal Mail did not follow. Its shares closed at 390.5p equalling a market capitalisation of £4 billion. That was not enough to keep the company at 90th place or higher, meaning Royal Mail would show up on the top 250 the next morning.

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