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Take Advantage of Royal Mail Franking Discounts


IMS provide a number of high volume franking machines that can help you take advantage of Royal Mail discounts of up to 20%

Business Mail is an efficient way of preparing mail so that addresses can be read by Royal Mail's sorting machines. And, because you save the Royal Mail time by helping them to sort automatically, you get item based discounts of up to 20% (based on accuracy determined by Royal Mail sorting machines).


Business Mail is ideal for companies that send out bills, statements or invoices in volumes of 500 per postal run. There are a variety of options available within Business Mail depending on machine readability of addresses and whether your mail is sorted or unsorted. For instance, a higher discount rate is achieved if 90% of the addresses and postcodes are accurate and a higher rate still if 95% of the addresses and postcodes are accurate.


Basically the more you can do to prepare your mail, the bigger the discount you will receive from the Royal Mail.

A detailed explanation of Business Mail and the scale of discounts can be found on the Royal Mail website.


Does Your Business Post Qualify?


The basic qualifications for Business Mail are:

  • For unsorted machine-readable mail, a minimum of 500 letters or 250 large letters is required.
  • For sorted mail, whether machine-readable or not, a minimum of 4,000 letters or 1,000 large letters is required.
  • Royal Mail will supply you with a licence number and this must be applied to the envelope on your post.

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