5 Advantages of a Franking Machine in Business

royal mail franking machines

A Franking Machine Saves You Money

Many people see a franking machine as a luxury for larger companies, but this is no longer the case. The ways a franking machine can save you money are more far reaching than you may initially realise.

No More Inconvenient Trips With This Equipment

Any small business owner is familiar with the inconvenience of running out of stamps, especially when the post office is closed. No longer having to make these unscheduled trips will save you time and money.

Huge Incentives Using Pre-paid Postage

Using a franking Machine makes it easier and cheaper for the Royal Mail to process your mail. They have been encouraging businesses to make the switch by offering discounts on postage costs. These discounts have increased, and in some cases even doubled, in just the last two years.

Franking Mail Stops Over Stamping

It can be embarrassing when a client receives an item with insufficient postage. They are forced to pay the shortfall. This can lead to a tendency for people to stick additional stamps on a package to be on the safe side. This is a waste of money. Using a franking machine with a scale will give you an exact amount, and as an added bonus it will be at a discounted rate.

Save Time In Your Mailroom

Using a franking machine saves time and carefully tracks your usage. This makes reporting your spend easier. They can even track spend by individual departments, creating greater accountability. Your accountant will be happier too, not having to process hundreds of small post office receipts.

Save Money! (Why not?)

Did you know that Royal Mail will pay you to convert to a franking machine? Government tax breaks, concessions and incentives mean it makes total sense to upgrade or switch to a SMART franking machine. The latest technology machines will keep your mailroom working at maximum efficiency without breaking the bank.

Save Time (Time is money!)

The old adage of time being money has never been more true than when it comes to your mailroom. Are you still having to run out for stamps and to the post box? Have you ever counted the true cost of this wasted time? Switching to a MailMark SMART technology franking machine will save you time from Day One. And that means you save money!

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