Pitney Bowes Franking Machines Help Company Image

pitney bowes franking machine IMS160

Franking Machine Customisation

Your franked stamp can contain a lot more than you may think. It can feature your company logo, providing free advertising every time you send a letter or package. Additional text can also be customised using the mail machine. You can change this text as frequently as you require. It can be used to advertise new services, run a promotion or raise product awareness.

If you have a positive message to spread, or want to congratulate someone on an award, it can be featured right next to your company logo on every item that leaves your workplace. They say nothing in life is free, but this advertising really is, and all while you’re paying less using pre-paid postage.

Equipment That Keeps Things Tidy

Pitney Bowes franking machines not only project a more professional image to partners and customers. They also help to keep the cost of office supplies down and tidy up your company’s paperwork. There will no longer be a huge pile of post office receipts for stamps; just a single report from your franking machine will provide all the information you need. It can even be used to report on several individual departments, providing useful data you can use internally to track spending across your company.

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