Save Time When You Buy A Franking Machine

buy franking machine

Other Equipment To Enhance Your Franking Machine

Other equipment can enhance the use of your franking machine. Letter openers and inserters are two of the items that can prove very useful in your mailroom. A mail label printer can prove invaluable when dealing with awkward shaped packages that will not fit through a machine.

Use The Correct Amount

You can have more confidence the correct amount of postage is being used when you buy a franking machine. Having scales attached to your equipment means the exact amount is franked with no embarrassing under payments or costly over payments.

Make Your Mailroom More Efficient

The whole job is much easier for your mailroom staff when you buy a franking machine. They can deal with your postage needs in a much more efficient manner, which will make their duties simpler and more cost effective.

Time Saved And More Efficiency

Overall the time saved and the extra efficiency in your mailroom more than outweighs the cost when you buy a franking machine. You also have the additional discount offered by using pre-paid postage. The added prestige and free advertising on every item that leaves your office is just an added bonus.

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