IMS160 Franking Machine

Upgrade your old franking machine and start saving today!

IMS 160 Franking Machine Description

Whether you're considering getting a franking machine for the first time or are using outdated franking technology, if you send between 40 and 75 pieces of mail a day, the IMS 160 Mailmark digital franking machine will save you money and time.

This franking machine is very easy to set up, features interactive and intuitive controls, fast processing speeds and a sleep mode to save on power.

The IMS 160 uses a constant connection so when you re-credit your machine or download a new envelope message, it's achieved in seconds without the line rental and dial up costs incurred with analogue connected franking machines.

IMS 160 Franking Machine Features

- Franks up to 40 letters a minute.
- Includes a 2.5kg integrated scale.
- Allows customised logos and detailed text messages.
- Can date stamp incoming mail.
- Mail mark compliant & 'Smart' technology for reclaiming VAT.
- Allows up to 25 different cost centres.

Does £45 per month sound interesting?

What next: Please download and fill in the forms, ensuring the correct boxes are signed and initialled where required, them return them to :

IMS, 4 Saturn House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston, Berkshire, RG7 8HA

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