IMS 400

A real heavyweight amongst franking machines - up to 95 items a minute!

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Item Description

The technology the IMS400 Digital Mailmark franking machine uses is flexible enough to make this perfect for a business that aspires to grow. If your strategic objectives involve expanding your customer base or an increase in direct marketing campaigns, you can feel confident your mail will be dealt with at optimum efficiency - which, in this challenging economic climate, is one less thing to worry about.

The IMS400 is simple to use but combines this with advanced functionality. The machine's qwerty keyboard makes setting up messages quick and easy.

The envelope sealer means you can seal and frank your envelopes at the same time, resulting in a professional ready to mail document.

Product Highlights

  • Franks up to 95 letters a minute.
  • Includes a 5kg integrated scale.
  • Includes envelope sealer with seal only mode.
  • Allows customised logos and detailed text messages.
  • Can date stamp incoming mail.
  • Mailmark compliant & 'Smart' technology for reclaiming VAT.
  • 25 cost centres as standard.


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