SendPro P1000

Frank up to 180 items a minute with this high volume franking machine

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Item Description

If you regularly send high volumes of mail, you'll get the most from our award winning SendPro™ Mailmark series of franking machines.
These machines allow you to turn your mail into a powerful communication vehicle by downloading and printing relevant colour promotional messages onto every envelope that you send without delaying mail processing.
What's more, you can change the message in minutes when your priorities change or to support the differing objectives of each department that you support.
Inflexible and expensive pre-printed envelopes become yesterday's problem.

Applications for improved productivity
The SendPro offers a suite of applications that allows you to benefit from even more value from your mailing system:

Royal Mail – locate an address or postcode prior to mailing. Register your mailing through Royal Mail's Online Business Account.

Apps – source new or cleanse existing data to ensure accurate and effective mailing campaigns.


Product Highlights

  • Franks up to 180 letters a minute.
  • Mailmark compliant
  • Standard 7kg - options up to 35kg weighing platform.
  • Colour printing for high impact marketing.
  • Print quality: 1200 dpi
  • 15" colour touch screen display.
  • 'INVIEW' on-line account management.
  • 1000 standard accounts, upto 3000 optional.


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