Item Description

The MailSave+ software allows you to add 5 additional carriers of choice to the standard Royal Mail services including:

  • TNT
  • PPI
  • UK Mail
  • DX


This choice of carriers will put you in control meaning you can:-

  • switch between carriers to cherry pick the best postal rates.
  • report on your non Royal Mail carrier costs by department.
  • produce daily dockets for PPI, UK Mail and TNT.
  • audit dispatch volumes to cross-check supplier invoices.
  • avoid the need to cross check billings by using the MailSave self billing system.


Who is this for?


Medium to large businesses who could benefit from matching each postal job to the carrier that offers the best rate.
Businesses who would like better reporting facilities on all their postal carriers.

Product Highlights

  • Lower volume thresholds attract savings on all letters.
  • Volumes can be averaged to meet collection minimums.
  • One machine to handle all postal jobs.
  • Cross department reporting on all carriers.

Additional Information

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