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Mailroom Supplies and Equipment Every Business Needs

IMS Franking is a leading provider of certified MailMark franking machines to businesses all over the UK. And while we specialise in mail franking, we also know the importance of having a well-stocked mailroom. When a mailroom has everything that workers need to get the job done, the mail goes out quickly and more efficiently.

5 Reasons to Convert Business Mail Services to Mailmark

When Royal Mail first introduced the Mailmark platform, they framed it as a way to make business mail more efficient and cost-effective through the use of technology. We now know just how accurate those assertions were after having a couple of years to evaluate the Mailmark service. Needless to say, you should upgrade your business mail services to Mailmark if you have not yet done so.

Why You Should Upgrade to MailMark Franking Machines

As you may know, Royal Mail introduced new MailMark franking machines a couple of years ago. The machines were intended to make the mail franking process more efficient for both the customer and Royal Mail themselves. Unfortunately, there are a lot of small businesses still using the old machines. We encourage upgrading whenever it is practical.

Franked Mail Services More Expensive – What Now?

Increased postage means small businesses have to re-evaluate how they use the mail to communicate with customers. The time is now for some small businesses already using extensive postal services to consider switching to franked mail services rather than stamps.

Ofcom Review Yields Hidden Benefit for Royal Mail Post Services

Companies utilising Royal Mail post services can do so with standard stamped mail or the franked mail alternative. We obviously recommend franking for a number of reasons, not the least of which is significant savings.

Avoid Franking Machine Surcharges by Measuring Mail

We have mentioned in other blog posts how technology has changed the way UK businesses handle the mail room. Franking machines are at the top of the mail room food chain, making the process of sending large volumes of business mail more efficient than it has ever been.

Royal Mail Franking Prices Announced for 2017/ 2018

Royal Mail stamp and franking prices have only got a few weeks left at their current rates. From March 27th 2017 the fees paid by stamp, standard
franking and Mailmark franking machine users are increasing. Stay ahead in business by being proactive and aware of what this means for your enterprise.

How To Make The Most Of Royal Mail's Services

In order to make the most out of the Royal Mail's services it’s important to know your stuff. With a bit of research and planning you can
save yourself and your business lots of time and money when it comes to inbound and outbound mail.

Why Use Franking Machines?

Technology has completely changed the way that inbound and outbound mail works within a business. As mailroom technology evolves, you need to ensure
your business mail solutions are keeping up!

Create a Cost Effective Mailroom


In order for your business to thrive you need to be managing costs in each area. Unnecessary spending in your mailroom, for example, can have a knock on
effect to the rest of the budgeting. Because sending and processing mail can be an ongoing expense, it’s important to review the effectiveness of your
mailroom operations.


A Brief History Of The Mailmark Service

Since its mainstream introduction in 2014, Mailmark has been changing the face of the mail services industry. Mailmark offers the potential to track
mail location and delivery, improve reporting and management of tariffs.

Trust the IMS Gold Star Package

Do you feel that many service providers promise great benefits in their sales literature and spiel but fall short of expectations when they are called
on to fulfil these same promises? It’s often when a crisis occurs that you find out the customer service standards are much lower than you’d expected.

Large Franking Machines Benefits

In a high volume mailroom you need the maximum level of efficiency. Staff can work devotedly but they simply won’t meet the processing times achieved
by mailroom equipment.

Rethink Your Small Business Mail Services

It’s a common misconception that enterprises need to be medium or large to enjoy cost savings and efficiency improvements but even if your business
operates from a home office you can save time and money sending as little as five items of post a day.

Speed Up Your Mail Processing With Franking Machine Rental

Switch from stamps or franked mail to smart technology franking machines which allow users to take advantage of Mailmark, Royal Mail’s optimum service
and pricing package. As an incentive for businesses the smart franking machines on the market have VAT reclaim benefits.

Mailroom Equipment That Saves You Time

Here at IMS we don’t focus solely on franking machines, we serve clients with ancillary products from letter inserters and openers to postal scales
and Excel monitoring machines.

Franking Machines Ancillary Products

At IMS Franking Machines we don’t just supply the franking machine for you to achieve optimum technology and cost savings. We are
proud to deliver a complete service which includes the ancillary products which can assist users whether they’re in a large post room or a small
to medium business.

Mailmark Posting Products

IMS Franking Machines strive to deliver the best information and products to clients and as a leader in the mail services consultancy field we want to
remind you that you could achieve a better deal and employ state of the art technology for your postal tasks.

You and Your Franking Machine


Royal Mail actively promotes franking machines with price incentives and cutting edge technology so why would you want to work with yesterday's 'easy to
tear' and more costly method?


Franking Machines – Rent or Buy?

The introduction of the first franking machine came about as a solution to the problems being faced in the worldwide postal system in the nineteenth century.
The issue of paying for letters and parcels needed to be addressed so up stepped Norwegian Engle Frankmussler, who developed his ‘Postage Stamp Affixing
Machine’ in 1884.

Using DX Mail Services


DX mail services are here to save your day and help you with all your minimal mailing tasks that you just can’t seem to find the time
to get to.


Franking Machines and IMS Maximise Customer Service

A simple change to franking machines to send and pay for your mail means that less time is spent on post preparation, there is no wastage of funds, electronics
and ink won’t tear like traditional stamps, and you’ll be able to account for expenditure in an effective and measured manner.

Franking Machines Are Designed For All Business Sizes

Whatever your business size you can make effective and welcome savings on the cost of postage. We hate to be the ones to tell you but using stamps hampers
your business. Sorry, we know it is tough news to take but you can alter this very quickly and conveniently with IMS franking machines and franking
machine supplies.

Royal Mail announces franking prices for 2016

The Royal Mail has released its price changes that come into effect on 29th March 2016.

Mailmark™ franking machines pre-dating mail after 5pm

A few Mailmark™ customers have commented that when franking their mail after 5pm, the mail items are being pre-dated for the next day.

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