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Smart Franking Machines Rule the Festive Season

Royal Mail has just announced recommended posting dates for people sending Christmas mail and packages to both Western and Eastern Europe. Though the posting dates don't necessarily apply to business mail, the fact that Royal Mail has released the information is a reminder of just how important smart franking machines are this time of year. Smart franking machines rule the festive season.

3 Common Mail Franking Mistakes and How to Fix Them

If you use a mail franking machine to process business mail – and you should – please understand that mail franking machines are not perfect. Even the newest Mailmark machines are not foolproof. There are times when mail is incorrectly franked and then has to be fixed. Thankfully, fixing mistakes is not hard to do.

World's Most Remote Post Office to Open Soon

​Does your company struggle to make sure its mailroom services continue running at optimal performance? If not, perhaps your mailroom staff would like a bigger challenge. You might want to encourage them to volunteer for the world's most remote post office, which just happens to be getting ready to open in November.

Royal Mail Hiring a Reminder to Business Mail Users

If you haven't heard the latest news out of Royal Mail, here it is: the postal provider is looking to bring on tens of thousands of new employees to help them deal with an increased demand of Royal Mail post services during the lead-up to the festive season. Their annual recruitment drive is a reminder to business mail users that the next few months could be a bit hectic.

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