Calling online sellers: here comes the parcel postbox

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Calling online sellers: here comes the parcel postbox

Parcels are big business in the UK. Between home sellers and e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay, UK consumers send and receive a staggering number of parcels every year. So much so that the value of the UK parcel market rose to almost £10 billion in 2017.

In response to this growing demand for parcel services, Royal Mail has announced new plans to make the process of sending parcels far easier. While the new service won’t mean much to larger sellers, for smaller online businesses to send a lot of post, sending a parcel could be about to get a whole lot easier.

What’s changing?

Royal Mail is currently trialling the UK’s first ever parcel postboxes across Northampton and Leicester. The boxes – which mark the biggest change to Royal Mail postboxes in the last 160 years – feature a larger opening and a secure storage area.

The aim of the new parcel boxes is to make the process of sending parcels far more convenient. If you live near one of the postboxes and wish to use them, all you need to do is buy your postage online, or frank your mail, and then simply post your parcel as you would a letter.

When the trial finished on November 5th, Royal Mail intends to review feedback before making a decision on rolling out the postboxes to the rest of the UK.

Did you know… the first ever UK postboxes were trialled in Jersey in 1852

If you like the sound of the new parcel postboxes, and are on the lookout for more ways to make the postage process more convenient, you should consider investing in a franking machine. Here are three reasons why they make a great addition to your business…

Franking machines…

Save you money: Franked mail is cheaper than standard postage, and with Mailmark franking machines, postage is automatically updated so you know you’ll only ever pay the going rate. As franking machines print the exact cost of postage, you can also be sure that you’ll never overpay or underpay simply because your stamps don’t add up to the precise amount.

Save you time: A franking machine is like your own mini, on-site post office. You’ll never need to queue for stamps again as you can add postage credit to your franking machine in just a few clicks.

Help you stay in control: It’s easy to stay in control of your postage with a franking machine. You can set a PIN so only authorised staff can use the machine, plus you’ll be able to see who posted what and how much it cost – allowing you to charge postage back to the relevant department if necessary.

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